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Saturday, April 7, 2012



"A woman’s thighbone has been found by police, the latest victim of brutal serial killer ‘The Bone Stripper’.

When a stranger, covered in blood, arrives unexpectedly at Gladys and Albert’s house, like good Samaritans they invite him in.

But the Lord God works in mysterious ways and, when all three end up wearing their Sunday best, His deadly word is final."

  Right off the bat the audience can tell this short film is going to be well shot. It's blue-gray look gives it a dark and creepy feel. Throw in an early scare, and this short film starts off well.
 Some tension, and suspense starts to set in once the stranger is welcomed inside the house. You would hope to find a normal person in the room, but not on this day. I'm not to give away what happens from here on out, but it is filled with blood, guts, and the unexpected.
  The combination of it being a short film, and not a whole lot of dialogue makes it hard to judge the acting. However, all three actors do a fine job with what they're given. Watching it a second time gave me a better appreciation for the script. There are a few subtle clues that make this story complete.  
  The film accomplishes a lot for being only about 6 minutes long. Throw in the fact that the film was made with a budget under $1000, and it makes it that much more impressive. “Sunday Best” will be hitting film festivals soon, and I expect audiences will be pleasantly surprised with what they see! I give this short film 3 pools of blood.


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