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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 3

  What a disappointment... no more nicknames for Bill and Eric! It's hard to come up with good ones. Here are a few terrible ones I came up with: Sookie Lover 1&2, Sookie Hater 3&4, Team Don't Stake Me, Tall & Short, Mr. Sex Addiction & Mr. Lover Man, or Damon & Stefan. Not sure why those last names sound familiar. Oh well, onto my thoughts on episode 3, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me.”
  Let me start with an "I told you so." Last week I said the Rev knew someone important. The next Nan, that is too funny. I have to say that is a good job of writing him back into the show with the perfect role. As Roman spoke, who else was thinking that woman can't be trusted? And sleeping with Bill and Eric, shame!
  Good to see another week of loyalty between the two, especially after that extremely interesting flashback. No way did I think we would ever see Bill and Lorena in Pam’s flashback. Funny how back then the roles were reversed, as Eric was the man, and now Bill is. I can't believe Pam actually tried to kill herself. I thought she was stronger then that.
  True Blood didn’t ignoring technology and social media in this episode. The Authority created an app for that! Good to see vampires use Apple as well! And Andy's ass plastered on Facebook. Can't believe he said they took down the pic. I've seen worse things on Facebook that they should have taken down.
  Next we’ll see a Jason sexisode on YouTube. Hopefully not with that woman he ran into at the store. What a random storyline to pop up with. So Jason's sex addiction started when he slept with his teacher. Did we really need to go there? The only thing funny about that scene was when he mentioned ex-girlfriends, and looked at the cat after mentioning Crystal. I wonder if that storyline will ever come back.
  Speaking of comes backs, are we about to see the return of the fairies? As soon as that guy walked into the store I thought there was something familiar about him. And 16 sisters who need dresses. Wonder where the party is going to be?  Hopefully they stay away from Jessica, whom I have to apologize to. When she appeared I said, "do we really need another token scene of Jessica and her friends?" Glad it turned out to be a more important scene for her.
  Good to see Alcide got more than one scene this week, but that meant someone else would have to take his place. That person... Hoyt! What trouble is this boy about to get in? The King of trouble didn't make an appearance, but hopefully he has recovered enough to make an appearance next week.
  As I mentioned before, Sookie hasn’t played a big role so far, but it looks like that is about to change. Others now know about Tara, but most importantly Alcide now knows about Deb. I was happy she was killed, but it looks like she will still be a thorn in Sookie's side. It isn't looking good for Sookie and Alcide to finally hook up.
  I still need to pick my favorite line of the night. Since he said it close together, I’ll count them as one. My favorite line was when Roman was talking about himself as a young vamp, and said all he would do is "feed, fuck, and kill." He shortly followed that by describing humans as "talking meat."
  Tara used to be talking meat, but she is a quieter ball of angry vampire now. It was really cool to see her face heal, and look up into the stars. Unfortunately, it might be the last time she looks up into the sky, as she decided to commit suicide. Not! As soon as she walked in there I said "not a chance. Pam will save her. " We all know who will appear next. Still can't believe two apparently strong characters, Tara and Pam, tried to kill themselves.
  Hopefully the blood will really get flowing next week. It will already be episode 4, and things need to start setting up for something big to happen by episode 6. Bill and Eric should be released, and begin their hunt for the King. Pam will save Tara, and hopefully begin setting her straight. Maybe Lafayette will lose his temper again, and we'll get to see the mask again (good stuff). And Sookie will try to stay out of jail for another week. See you guys next week!


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