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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 2

  So episode 1 really didn't start the season off with a bang. I was hoping episode 2 would get this ball rolling. For a while it didn't look good, and then bang! Something happened that certainly caught my attention. I'll get to that and more in my thoughts on episode 2, "The Sun."
  We have waited and waited, and finally it looks like Warlow is here. We got a quick glimpse of him coming through a portal at the beginning of the episode. Let me ask, does anyone know who the Undertaker is? Yes, I have now reference the WWE in a piece about True Blood. Go figure!
  Ok True Blood, you got me. It's early in the season, and I wasn't prepared. The old man wasn't Warlow the magician. It was Jason's fucking fairy grandfather. I don't know if I'm more stunned he's his grandfather, or that he said "fucking." Such language from fairies!
  It was nice to see that Tara is all right. That was certainly a cool bullet in her. Good to know there is some thought being put into the show at this stage. I was kind of surprised that Pam wanted to give up so easily. She is usually the first to want to just kill everyone. This Eric thing must be really getting to her.
  It was great watching pose as a reporter. He was the total opposite of his personality. I knew that wasn't going work on the Governor. I did think Eric was going to be locked away. Those guards sure gave him his space. Funny how the Governor thought they knew everything about vamps, but they didn’t know he could fly. Sucks cause now the Governor won’t let that happen again. And Eric pulling the smooth vampire trick to float outside the pretty girl’s window. Too bad she doesn’t have her contacts on.
 Arlene was so close to winning for my favorite line of the night when she called Sookie "Missy Hangover." Got to love the comic relief she gives. I hope Patrick's wife just leaves, and there is no revisiting of what happened with the smoke monster. It's over, and lets move forward. On the other hand, I'm not sure what Arlene and Terry provide besides comic relief.
  And speaking of comic relief, here is the winner if this weeks favorite line of the week, Andy. You knew it wouldn't take long for him to win. In his short scene he said, "Hey fairies, I don't know shit about baby fairies!" You know what Andy, I don't either!
  I knew when that group of young people came in the bar that they were up to something. Not just the typical tourist. Is that woman crazy? She wants Sam to tell the world what he is. Totally not a good idea. Civil rights were one thing. Showing humans there are more creatures that they can't explain roaming the streets is another thing. Although if there are vamps, why wouldn't people expect there to be other things out there?
  And Mr. One Scene continues his title run. Alcide and Martha taking Emma from Sam just wasn't right. And attacking Lafayette, totally uncalled for. Hopefully he puts a curse on them or something. I'm definitely going anti-wolf now!
  Love interest alert! Love interest alert! Wow, just last week I was saying how Sookie might not have a love interest for a while. I can’t believe we are going to go down this road again. And now with a fairy! This won’t be exciting. What will be exciting is when Sookie gets to blast Warlow with that ball of light. I’m guessing she ends up using it on Bill instead. That would be more interesting. Let grandpa take care of Warlow.
  And now to the moment I mentioned at the beginning. Lifeless Bill, just sitting there dreaming away. Who knew he could be so much fun while doing absolutely nothing? That was a total shock, surprise, freaking unexpected, and whatever else words you can come up with moment. That woman just walking backwards exorcist style was so awesome! And then the blood just flying from her to Bill was so nice! Oh, and ugh fake, but still nice! I think that quickly ranks high on the top weird things that have happened on True Blood.
  So Bill can see the future now! His powers are growing. I look forward to seeing what he can do next week. As I figured, it looks like it might be up to him to save the vamps, and not Eric. Good luck with that! I will wrap this up by saying this certainly was better than episode 1. However, they still have some work to do to get back to True Blood standards. Until next week! Now to check out


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