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Monday, July 1, 2019


Ricochet is a pulsating thriller about a young woman named Ana, waking up from a rough night of partying in the basement of her father’s house (i.e., his “man cave”), and discovering a young girl locked in her father’s panic room - his personal vault.

Starring: Gianna-Marie, Corrie Fleming, Katelyn Downing, Ayuba Audu, and S. Joe Downing

Directed and written by: Tim Earnheart

  ‘Ricochet’ is another example of a short film that could be part of a larger movie. Ana (Gianna-Marie) wakes up alone after what seemed like a wild night. She hears something, goes to investigate, and then the surprises begin. She finds a your girl (Corrie Fleming) tied up in her father’s panic room. Before she can get a grip on what’s happening three masked intruders break in the house ready to kill them both.
  Just another home invasion movie…not really. It’s more about twists and turns leaving off each segment of the film with a shock to the audience. The action rolls on from beginning to end with very little dialogue. It’s almost awkward how little is said, but it works for the film. It leaves room for some quick, yet bloody and brutal deaths.
  The visuals of the film are also great, but nothing stands out more then the masks the intruders are wearing. I would watch five or ten more minutes of the film just showing where they got those things. While there are plenty of surprises in ‘Ricochet,’ there’s no surprise why it has had a successful festival run. None-stop action, shock after shock, great deaths, and again those masks! Don’t miss it if it comes to a festival near you, and hopefully when it becomes available for everyone!


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