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Sunday, June 5, 2022



Hailey and her brother Kevin visit their grandpa’s farm for the weekend. They discover that the caretaker has vanished, and Grandpa has a new nightly ritual of sharing a drink with his deceased wife and another unseen entity.

Starring: Jack C. Hays, Eden McGuire, and Ben Richardson

Directed and written by: Ben Richardson

  After losing loved ones people can feel “A Little Dead,” but what if they think the dead are still with them. Hailey (Eden McGuire) has come to visit her grandpa (Jack C. Hays), and quickly sees things aren't as they should be. The caretaker is no where to be found, and grandpa is acting a little weird. He sets a table with drinks for three people, and two of those drinks apparently are for people who aren’t there.

  Hailey’s brother Kevin (Ben Richardson) shows up not too long after, and starts to notice grandpa’s strange behavior for himself. The two siblings are somewhat puzzled, and definitely concerned about what’s going on. Is grandpa just grieving the loss of his wife, or is he having some kind of mental breakdown? Once again grandpa sets up his drinking ritual, but this time something goes horribly wrong.

  It doesn’t take long for this short film to set up the tension for both the siblings, and the audience. While the siblings worry about grandpa, the audience will worry about the potential horror to come. The unease is amplified with the darkness around the farm, and dim lighting inside. Oh, and of course grandpa doesn’t help with his odd explanations about what’s going on, and his ritual. The best part is definitely the payoff, as the siblings and audience get answers to what has been happening with grandpa. It becomes easy to see why this film has been selected at several film festivals, and surely to win some awards along the way! 



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