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Friday, October 21, 2022



A group of superstar influencers are drawn to a reclusive billionaire's mansion only to find themselves trapped in the lair of an evil vampire. The only way out is to be saved by a famous online gamer and an old school vampire hunter.

Starring: Thomas Jane, Kara Hayward, and Jack Donnelly

Directed by: K. Asher Levin

Written by: K. Asher Levin, and Zack Imbrogno

  “Slayers” isn’t a game, but the score between vampires and humans will be kept. Influencers are always looking for views and attention, and this group is no different. They have caught the attention of a billionaire, and have been invited to his mansion for some fun. Unfortunately for them the fun will be had by the vampires who take several of them by surprise. The only hope for the few survivors is a vampire hunter named Elliot Jones (Thomas Jones).

  Elliot actually narrates part of this story, including the beginning introducing the audience to the vampires, and what they did to his daughter. He’s waited a long time for revenge, and tonight is the night. The vampires have an important plan in store for the group of influencers so spoiling it is a big deal for him. Saving any of the influencers is almost a bonus.

  The film seems to have some similarities to “Zombieland,” besides having Abigail Breslin star as one of the influencers. Elliot narrating is one of the similarities, as he does it through many parts of the film. It doesn’t come off as funny as the zombie rules, as he takes a stronger tone. No rules here, but he does kind of introduce the vampires, and how to deal with them. The movie tries to keep a fun approach with the scoreboard of vampire and human deaths. The audience will have to decide whether that works for them.

  Compiling influencer deaths will probably be welcomed for the audience. Getting some death scenes in, and silencing some of them isn’t a bad thing. Things finally get interesting when Elliot and one of the influencers go vampire hunting. Of course the influencer has to broadcast it live. The showdown Elliot has been waiting for finally takes place, and a final score will be set.

  “Slayers” seems like it wants to be a funny movie like “Zombieland,” but it never gets to that point. Elliot isn’t a funny narrator, but one that of a father who has lost his daughter. The influencers are just bait, and the audience probably won’t mind if this bait has its blood drained. Things like the scoreboard, and flashbacks will work for some, but not everyone. It seems like there are some good ideas here, but if they would have gone about it in a different way it may have worked out better. With that said, I give it 2 pools of blood.

Slayers is in theaters, on demand and digital on Oct 21, 2022

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