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Saturday, December 10, 2011


  Thanks to, I have had the privilege to promote several short films. While I hope most of you had an opportunity to see them, I’m sure some of you missed them. So I thought I would try something a little different, and give you a chance to review some movies along with me. Posted below is the first film in this short film series, "ANNA", which is followed by a short review. What I would like you to do is watch the film first, as the review will include spoilers, and then post your review in the comment section. Enjoy!

  As you noticed, the short film is only of the video chats. It is actually very interesting that the entire film is shot via Skype. I certainly would like to see if there are any other movie ideas out there that could be shot this way. It would be almost like an added challenge to filmmaking.
  Obviously this is a “Paranormal Activity” type film. It isn’t on a grand scale like “P.A.”, but it does just enough in a short time. One of the better moments, besides the ending, is when Laura receives a phone call, and there is no one there. Just as she is turning it off, the audience gets to see something move that she clearly doesn’t notice.
  Lisa-Marie Long (Laura) and Matthew Solomon (David) do a good job acting as the loving couple at first, even hinting at some long distance sexual activity. It is a good angle to start with before the situation quickly changes. They perform just as well when the stress builds, particularly Matthew. 
  It is good that there is just enough back-story of Anna squeezed into the film. I don’t know much about Skype, but I’m guessing the ending might have been the hardest part to shoot. It adds to the creepiness to see Anna kind of flash to the front of the computer screen. They also do a good job giving her that glowing look.
  So there are a few of my thoughts on “ANNA.” Now it is your turn. Please post your thoughts in the comment section below.


For more information on “ANNA” and writer/director/actor Matthew Solomon, please visit 

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