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Monday, December 19, 2011


  “Slash-In-The-Box” is the second film in this short film series. This film is only about 5 minutes, and I think you will like it. Remember, watch the film, and post your review in the comment section. You will find my review below as well. Watch the film first, as my review will have spoilers. Enjoy!

  The opening scene reminds the audience there is nothing like a boy and his toy. The husband thinks the jack-in-the-box is so cool, but the wife says it is creepy. Don’t you guys hate when women prove they are always right? There is some decent humor to start off after the jack pops out of the box. It sets a good mood, and keeps the attention of the audience.
  Of course the husband hears a sound, and has to go check it out. Who knew the jack-in-the-box likes baseball? Again the husband couldn’t resist playing with his toy. He really should have been more concerned with why the baseball is rolling around by itself. There is some good blood splatter there, but it would have been fun to see what the jack-in-the-box did to him exactly.
  Now it is the wife’s turn. The silence raises the tension, but it might have been a little more realistic if she called out for her husband at least once. When she sees box playing by itself I was thinking… “Um run!” That is a great terrifying look on her face. I’m not sure how his head fit in the box, but I love the imagination in putting it there. This is definitely one of those films that end with a bang.


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