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Sunday, December 9, 2012


  Finally the long awaited sequel to “Silent Hill!” What an injustice to the original that they took so long to make a sequel. There is a lot to like about the original, and plenty of craziness that I'm sure it couldn't have been that hard to put together a sequel sooner. Just look at how many Resident Evil movies they managed to put together. So after the inexcusable wait, did they do any justice with "Silent Hill: Revelations?"
  The story take place many years later, as Heather (Adelaide Clemens) is all grown up now. She’s on the run with her father, Harry (Sean Bean), from the evil forces of Silent Hill. What seem to be nightmares becomes a real life nightmare when Harry is kidnapped, and taken to Silent Hill. That’s when Heather teams with an unexpected new friend Vincent (Kit Harington), in order to get her back to Silent Hill.
  So let me start with the real injustice… the acting. The combination of Adelaide and Kit just doesn’t work. Watching the two together actually made me wish I were in a room with the pyramid guy. There is no chemistry between the two, especially when there is suppose to be. That is kind of surprising because Kit actually does a decent job on "Game of Thrones."
  Now to the good part, which is the Silent Hill creatures. Starting with the nurses, they are awesome as expected. There are only two things I didn't like about them. One is that they only had one scene. Come on, you can never have enough of the Silent Hill nurses. The other is in their only scene; the scene ends with the nurses posing. Yes, I know they are supposed to stop, but the way they end the scene is too staged. It’s almost like they stopped for someone to take their picture.
  Then there is the pyramid guy. It’s good to see they make more use out of him then the nurses. However, he just didn't seem as scary and/or intimidating as in the original. Maybe spinning the carousel didn’t do him any favors. There is a good fight scene between another creature, and him.
  While the usual creatures are great to see, there is a mannequin creature that steals the show. Think of it as a robot looking mannequin spider. I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but that’s what it looks like to me. The way it moves around the room is terrific. It’s also fun watching how it incorporates a new piece of itself.
  It turns out that mixing 3D with the Silent Hill creatures is a good combination. It’s good to see that there is actually stuff popping off the screen instead of 3D just to make the movie look a little better. There is nothing earth shattering, but still enough to keep the audience on their toes. I’m actually still amazed at how ash falling from the sky is one of the better 3D effects. I’ve seen it now in several movies, and it just seems so real.
  In the end, “Silent Hill: Revelations” doesn’t match the mystery and suspense of the original. The bad chemistry between the actors certainly doesn’t help matters. However, if you are a sucker for the Silent Hill creatures like me, then you might find some enjoyable moments. There are also some decent 3D moments thrown into the mix. Overall, this movie doesn’t do the original enough justice so I give it 2 pools of blood.


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