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Monday, September 30, 2013


After her mother's mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to recent bloodshed and chaos.

Starring: Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti, Brennan Elliott, Chantal Quesnelle, Maitland McConnell, and Brad Dourif

Directed by: Don Mancini

Written by: Don Mancini

  Over the past few years many franchises have decided to go the remake route. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" did it, and epically failed in many horror fans eyes. "Friday the 13th" did it, and failed to impress. Then there is "Halloween,” which actually turned out pretty good. While those franchises decided to go the remake route, the “Child's Play” series said, “hell no!” So was that a wise decision?
  It's not a remake, but there are some similarities between this movie, and the first movie. Chucky ends up in the arms of a child, is out to kill everyone in his path, and still ultimately wants a way out of the doll. It's good to see him at it again producing some good kills. Of course, many of those deaths are accompanied by his typical wise cracks. It seems like there is a little rust with his first few lines, but they get better as the movie goes on.
  Besides the joy of seeing Chucky in action again, the best thing about this movie is the story. It gets right to the point with Chucky's arrival, and then he wastes little time getting to the killing. At first the audience might not know why Chucky is delivered to this family, but at the right time it's revealed. It adds another chapter in the past life of Charles Lee Ray. The movie further proves it’s not a remake soon after his reason for being there is revealed, as a few familiar faces make an appearance. Again, they are tied into the story nicely, and not just there to surprise the audience.
  Fiona Dourif, who plays Nica, gives a pretty strong performance in her lead role. Fiona does a good job playing innocent and scared, yet strong enough to fight off Chucky. Nica is confined to a wheelchair, which adds a different element to this story. She can’t easily escape Chucky, and has to deal with this challenge while trying to save those around her. The rest of the cast does a solid enough job not to derail this story.
  The decision to make another sequel, and not a remake turns out to be a good choice. It’s good to see Chucky in action again, and he produces some good kills. The acting is pretty good all around with a stand out performance from Fiona Dourif. The best thing about the movie is the story, which is strong from beginning to end. Speaking of the end be sure to watch the bonus scene in the ending credits. Since they actually did justice to the “Child’s Play” franchise, I give “Curse of Chucky” 3 pools of blood.


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