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Monday, July 21, 2014

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 Episode 5

  So after several episodes of fighting off the sick vamps everyone seemed to exhale, and take a needed break. There was time to say goodbyes, while still looking forward to the future. That is for those that have a future, and didn't just screw it up. There wasn't much action, but it was certainly a night for change. Here are my thoughts on episode 5, "Lost Cause"
  Jackson: Let’s start this off with another goodbye to your son. I thought he was good for Sookie, and a lot of women watching thought he was good for them!
  Rev.: Sleeping on the job! Don't you know people get hurt when you do that!
  Tara's mom: Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! She needs to go to Michael Myers School! She's still not getting any sympathy from me.
  Willa: Got stabbed but what's new? Oh yea, she's free to do what she wants now. Not like she wasn't already doing that.
  Sam: Nice save, but I wouldn't have minded if those vamps put an end to Tara's mom.
  Nicole: I think I'll give the pregnant woman a pass!
  Andy: A man of his word. Congrats! I wonder if we get to see a wedding or something tragic happens first. Sorry, had to say it!
  Holly: Never were your biggest fan, but you have a good man. Take care of him before that something tragic happens!
  Adylin: Listen to Jason!
  Wade: Should have done it while you had the chance! No… that still would have been wrong!
  Arlene: And that is why Sookie saved you. I'm a little upset they didn't show you talking to Sam about the shifting rat thing. I guess she's got a vamp to worry about instead. I just don't see her with a vamp though.
  James: Shame on you! Everyone saw that coming! Say goodbye to Jessica!
  Lafayette: Naughty boy you! A good friend, and now a boyfriend stealer!
  Jessica: Don't worry about James. He was like a rebound guy! Did I really just say that? I need to go back to Michael Myers School too!
  Jason: Now that is a better vamp to be with. No coincidence that they hooked up, and Hoyt is coming back to town. Here comes the drama! Oh, and thanks for always pointing out the obvious Jason!
  Violent: I was shocked that she didn't break that door down and kill Jessica. She is going to get some mean revenge now.
  Ginger: She’s hilarious! All she wants to do is sleep with Eric, and he won’t do it. You’re such a tease Eric! Can’t you throw the girl a bone!
  Pam: Is anyone going to be surprised if I tell you she won for my favorite line of the night again? I should just name it my favorite Pam line of the night. To be fair, there were several good lines, and funny moments throughout the episode. However, I give it to Pam when she said, "Oh my God, I'm a Republicunt!"
  Eric: I couldn't be happier that we got at least one more moment where Eric tears someone apart. That moment made up for the lack of action in the episode. Man am I going to miss that. Too bad he let Sarah go though!
  Sarah: She's like the roach that doesn't die!
  Sookie: People hated her, now they love her. Just wait until more sick vamps return, and it will be her fault again. Lots of ups and downs for her in this episode and the season. Looks like she just might end up alone.
  Bill: I knew the flashbacks were just going to lead to a depressing end. While no one important died, it sure seemed that way when Bill saw that he was sick. I would have thought he would be more careful, but I guess there is no full proof way to stay safe. Except maybe drinking from Sookie that is!
  So we are now officially over the hump, and headed downhill to the end. Who lives and who dies? Who lives happily ever after? Not many in my opinion! Unless there is a last second vampire cure this isn't going to end well! So maybe there will be one! Oh I don't know! I'll think about and get back to you next week!


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