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Thursday, July 31, 2014


  What did I watch last night you say? Well since there was nothing new to watch, I believe I watched the Travel Channel, which featured NYC. There appears to be many interesting things to do there like taking a boat out to see the Statue of Liberty. They have a nice looking baseball stadium, but I'm not sure how good their baseball team is, especially when they hit home runs with sharks instead of baseballs. They have a lot of ways to travel around the city. There is the subway, taxi drivers who apparently follow you around with spare rope, and you can even rent bikes. Maybe I will visit there one day. What? Wrong channel? Wrong show?
  Well maybe it was the Weather Channel? They started off showing the potential for bad weather, and then went into panic forecasting. First it was a waterspout, then a tornado. If one tornado wasn't bad enough, a second and later third one showed up. I would have thought the Weather Channel would be more informed, but they kept coming up with crazy reasons why these tornados wanted to merge. One woman even mentioned a forecast of raining sharks! Odd how they seemed to be only focusing on NY. Huh, still the wrong channel?
  Well hell, maybe it was the Discovery Channel? I do remember seeing sharks after all. I never knew that sharks growled like dogs. Then again, I learned a lot of new things about sharks. They do rain from the sky like that woman forecasted. However, they never mentioned how long the sharks could survive out of water. Apparently they can swim through the air pretty well though. Oh, and I'm amazed at how easily you can split a shark in half. They must become softer after being out of water for a while. That wasn't the Discovery Channel either?
  Hmm, well my original plan was to watch "Snakes on a Plane." I thought I had the right channel for a few minutes at least. This couple was on a plane talking about a book with the stewardess. I was waiting for Samuel L. Jackson to appear, but this other guy was there and he was little help. Most importantly, there were no snakes. Maybe the sharks that flew into the cabin ate them. You know what, I'm starting to make a connection between all these channels. They all had flying sharks!
  What channel did you say I was watching? Syfy! Let me think about that for a minute. There was certainly some bad acting, especially moments when that couple tried to show they loved each other. Hell, it couldn’t get any worse than when he proposed with a ring off a hand that was in a shark’s mouth. There was a lot of bad CGI, like when that guy was fending off the shark with a bat in the subway, and the bat slid through the shark's body. I guess they spent their money on more important things!
  What else? There were some guest stars. I mean I'm not sure you can call them all stars, but if you watch those morning shows you might recognize them. Too bad the sharks didn’t have more luck killing them off! There was ad placement like for Subway, Coors, and even the whole freaking city of NY! Weird how that's usually done in big summer blockbusters not on Syfy movies. Maybe it wasn't... Ok maybe it was! No need to yell! It’s just that Syfy usually does a natural disaster or crazy creature movie separately. Maybe they decide to combine the two this time in the form of tornados, and sharks. Wait tornado. Flying sharks. It was Syfy! I was watching Sharknado 2! Well I hope you can see how I might have been confused!


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