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Sunday, March 15, 2015


A sweet old Lady is Patient Zero for a rampant incurable Sexually Transmitted Infection by accidentally ingesting a rat turd from an escaped experimental Rat from neighbouring Falsch Handel Pharmaceuticals.

Starring: Trevor "Spud" Hagen, Aaron Foster, Gerrid Jonathon, Deb Graf, and Samantha Mack

Written and directed by: Nadine L'Esperance and Trevor "Spud" Hagen

  It's safe to say that there isn’t anything writer, and director Nadine L'Esperance won’t put on film. I've had the pleasure of promoting her films at, and she does something crazier each time. As for "Granny Fuckers," this turns out to be one of those films that you won't forget for a number of reasons. It starts off by drawing the audience in to support poor old sweet Granny (Trevor "Spud" Hagen). Her neighbors are doing too much partying, and play their music too loud for Granny. What can Granny ever do to get them to stop?
  Well, lets just say that while Granny is described as sweet, there's nothing sweet about her. As the title foreshadows, her neighbors soon become Granny Fuckers. Oh yea, that's right, Granny gets busy! In what doesn't sound very appetizing to watch, they actually make a pretty funny scene out of it. On top of that, remember Granny is actually played by a guy, which is a nice change, so there's nothing graphic to see here. 
  That is until Granny, who also has her way with another guy and woman on the street, returns home. The audience then gets to see what happens to those who take advantage of the elderly. Trust me when I say it's not a pretty sight, and the audience won't forget it. The true horror of the film comes out, and you will just have to see it to believe it. In other words, no spoilers here!
  While they made this film for a contest, it truly shows what they are capable of coming up with on a limited budget, and in a short amount of time. The title will draw audiences in, and then they will be treated to a gross, yet fun film. They will also be left with images they won’t be able to get out of their minds! "Granny Fuckers" should do well in its limited festival run, and I look forward to showing it at on my Sunday Scares features!


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