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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Claude is a university statistics professor with a dark side. Kim is the young woman he kidnaps to satisfy his dysfunctional needs. In this psychological thriller, tenderness develops between a psychopath and his captive. The simmering plot boils over as they move inexorably to a climax that will forever change each of their lives.

Starring: Casey Chapman, Mackenzie Wiglesworth, and Scott Anderson

Written and directed by: Edward Pionke

  The horror genre continually presents audiences with characters that do all kinds of disturbing things to other people. They kill them for fun, eat them, use their body parts for their needs, and so on. "Mother's Milk" presents another character that has a special need. As the audience might guess, that need is for a mother's milk!
  "Mother's Milk" is a very character driven film. Lets start with Claude (Casey Chapman), professor by day, and nut job by night. Claude has the traits of the usual crazy people audience’s see plus the unique obsession for a mother's milk. Yes, ok for babies, but not ok for adults. While he has the sick obsession, what works for him is how well he has everything planned out. What should be a difficult task is rather easy for him.
  And why is it easy? Besides his detailed planning, he gets some cooperation from Kim, who isn’t the usual victim. Yes, she freaks out at first, but then accepts the hand that she's been dealt. She goes along with all of Claude's unusual habits, and take's having him drink her milk like a champ. It really makes for one of the most odd situations a kidnapper, and victim could be in. 
  In order to truly be great characters, the movie needed and got strong performances from Casey, and Mackenzie. Casey nails playing in total control, and then having those deranged moments. Mackenzie does an excellent job making the audience remember that she's a victim even when there are times the audience might think the two are more of a couple. 
  On top of the strong performances, this is a well-written story. It starts with the whole idea of having a guy being obsessed with something so wrong. Then it moves to the great conversations Claude and Kim have, and the situations that are created in her room. Every time the audience might think normalcy is coming, they are quickly reminded of what's really going on. Add in some well-timed odd dreams by Claude to show just how demented he is. 
  "Mother's Milk" puts a disturbed individual, and mother together in an extremely uncomfortable situation. The story doesn't unfold as the audience might expect, but does come to a solid conclusion. In between, the audience can enjoy two great characters driven by strong acting performances. With that said, I give this movie 3 pools of blood.


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