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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


A low-budget anthology film focuses on a young group of friends, gathered for a night of fun and drinks around a campfire. Every year they try to outdo themselves telling scary stories. Will they survive another round? One story showcasing 5 unique macabre tales to frighten audiences everywhere.

Starring: Donna Brown, Justin Celani, Tim Christie, and Zach Etter

Directed by: Ian Messenger

Written by: Justin Celani, and Ian Messenger

  From the title, "Fireside Tales," audiences might guess that this film involves some tales by a fire. A group of young adults are continuing their yearly tradition of telling some scary tales by a campfire. A couple of them try to top each other’s tales, as they continuously argue in between stories. Ultimately, it's up to the audience to decide which tale is the best.
  The first story is called “Undertow," which takes place in the desert. A couple and their friend are hanging out before they're attacked by a hulked up Freddy Krueger looking guy. As one of them mentions, this story has a "The Hills Have Eyes" feel to it. The killer makes a pretty cool entrance springing out of the water before beginning his reign of terror on them. 
  The second story is about "The Bad Man." It starts with a girl on a jog that runs into this bad man. She manages to do a little too much screaming, and not enough running to escape the ax welding bad man. Missing for some time, the girl's now distraught father goes out looking for her. At the same time, a couple heads out to take some pictures close to where the girl disappeared. The exciting part of this story comes when the bad man absolutely butchers one of them before coming face to face with the father.
  Story three, "The Tormentor," takes place as a few friends try to sit down and watch a horror movie.  The power goes out in a storm, and the killing begins. The tormentor makes short work of everyone in sight, and leaves a nice bloody mess behind. The fourth and probably best tale is the story about skinwalkers. A couple are hiking in a cave when they are confronted by a creature leaving only one of them to escape. The survivor goes for reinforcements, and they go back looking for the creature. While the other tales were about the slaughtering, this one comes with a good little twist.
  What works for this anthology is that even if the audience wants to complain about the tales, the friends around the fire already do it for them. They are quick to make fun of the stories, and point out potential flaws in it. One thing the audience might complain about is the acting. It’s up and down, but give some credit to the actors who play several different roles. Overall, this is a good anthology for those looking for some tales with not many survivors! I give "Fireside Tales" 2 pools of blood!


*Note- there’s a surprise tale that begins shortly after the credits roll 

*You can find "Fireside Tales" on Amazon

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