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Monday, December 26, 2016


A young woman is terrorized by a mysterious puppet.

Starring: Noelle Hanson

Directed by: Carlos Omar de Leon

Written by: Carlos Omar de Leon and Vorasine Vince Phrommany

  "KAL- The Clown" starts with a young woman (Noelle Hanson) sitting on her couch trying to watch tv when the door bell rings. She goes to the door, and finds that she's received a package. She brings it inside, and opens it up to find a scary looking clown puppet. There's also a note saying that his name is KAL. She leaves it in the box, and resumes watching tv.
  Sometime later she realizes the clown is now on the floor so she picks it up and throws it in the garbage. She tries a couple of more times to get rid of the clown, but isn't very successful. After hearing the basement door open, she goes to investigate, and ends up falling down the stairs. Unfortunately for her she's now easy pickings for the puppet.
  This is another well done short horror film by Carlos Omar de Leon. It's shot extremely well, including a few good angles from the puppet's point of view. He creates an atmosphere around the young woman that's creepy enough just as the clown arrives. Noelle does a nice job of acting scared. The down side for the film is that besides the design of the puppet, the film is much like other puppet, or doll films. There's nothing new, and the audience will might grow frustrated with the woman’s inability to get rid of the puppet. I give “KAL- The Clown” 2 pools of blood.


* “KAL- The Clown” can be seen on Vimeo

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