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Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Two escaped convicts plan to burglarize a mysterious home in East Texas with even more sinister inhabitants.

Starring: Joe Walker, Sal Castaneda, and Avery Anne, and Sara Rashelle

Directed and written by: Joseph Herrera

  The audience will have to wait for it, but someone will definitely “Drop Dead.” Lucky (Joe Walker) and Nicholas (Sal Castaneda) have recently escaped prison, and are looking to get into trouble once again. They’ve made their way to a home where they believe they can make away with something valuable. They knock on the door, pretend to have broken down on the side of the road, and want to use a phone. Of course, Anna (Sara Rashelle) invites them right on in.

  Now inside, she lets them know they’ll have to say overnight because the women in the house don’t have a phone. Their plan seems to be working out well…too well! As Lucky starts to sneak around the house full of women, he begins to notice some strange things going on. Not getting much help from his partner, he’s going to have to find what he’s looking for before it’s too late.

  One of the best things about this short film is how they hide the ultimate secret the women are hiding. They present several women some of which seem kind of normal, but it’s the stranger ones that get the audience guessing at what they’re up to. It all leads to a fun ending moment. There aren’t a lot of victims here, but they make the most of the kills that happen. Probably the only thing holding back the film is the acting in some situations. There are a few moments when they needed to nail a line or two, and it just didn't happen. Those are my thoughts, but you can catch the film right now on YouTube before you “Drop Dead”… 



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