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Sunday, March 20, 2022



The long-form documentary about ‘80s sci-fi movies from CREATORVC executive produced by Robin Block and written/directed by David Weiner (In Search of Darkness Parts I & II) looks back on the extensive, beloved era of genre film. In Search of Tomorrow is a five-hour love letter to ‘80s Sci-Fi cinema; a nostalgic exploration of the impact and relevance of these beloved film classics, guided by the iconic artists who made them and by those who were inspired by their futuristic visions, featuring more than 70+ celebrity, artist, and expert interviews as it dives into all things science fiction in film.

Starring: Ivan Reitman, Clancy Brown, and Billy Dee Williams

Directed and written by: David Weiner

  “In Search of Tomorrow” actually takes fans back to sci-fi movies of the ‘80s, and how they shaped tomorrow. For horror fans, there is no journey through ‘80s horror like the two “In Search of Darkness” documentaries. Hours and hours of interviews, and conversations about all the great horror movies fans grew up loving. Now those fans along with sci-fi fans get a chance to journey through the many sci-fi movies they grew up on as well.

  This documentary is set up much like the previous documentaries focusing on some of the biggest sci-fi movies of the ‘80s like “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” “Aliens,” “Back to the Future,” “Robocop,” and “The Road Warrior.” It may also sneak in some titles fans missed depending on how big of a sci-fi fan you are. It talks about how these films introduced technology we have today, exploration of space, and how these films welcomed roles of different sexes and colors. To top it off, it includes so many great interviews and insights from the likes of Billy Dee Williams, Jesse Ventura, Alex Winter, Clancy Brown, and many more.

  As you might expect I’m a bigger horror fan then sci-fi fan, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy many of the films mentioned here. “Star Wars” is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I definitely enjoyed the look and conversation about the series. It was great to learn more about some of the special effects that went into making it. I often forget Drew Barrymore was in “E.T.,” and they have a great story about her interaction with E.T. when they weren’t shooting. It’s just one of so many wonderful behind the scene stories.

  Besides the stories, one of the most interesting things about watching this is seeing how technology was presented in the ‘80s, and has become a reality today. Fans get a quick look at some of the technology in these films, and then realize how they are using it today. Things like smart watches, self driving cars, and turning on and off items by command. I’m still waiting for my hover skateboard like in “Back to the Future.” And then there is the reminder that robots are more and more a reality, and likely our impending doom (wink wink “Terminator).

  “In the Search of Tomorrow” is a must see for sci-fi fans, or just even fans of ‘80s movies. It covers all kinds sci-fi films from space travel to imaginary worlds, blockbuster franchises to lesser known titles, and from aliens to robots. There’s nothing like learning something new about a film you love, and this documentary has so many great looks and interviews going behind the scenes. Yes, it’s five hours long, but if you’re in for revisiting the past this is the way to go!  


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