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Friday, October 9, 2009

PANDORUM REVIEW (spoiler alert)

***Spoiler alert: review discusses what was happening on the ship, but does not give away ending***

So looking at the previews, I wondered if this was going to be a movie more like Aliens, or was this something that ends up all in their minds? The movie looked a little crazy with the guy trapped in what turns out to be a hyper sleep chamber. It was all dark and you wonder what was going to happen to him. 
To me, I would say this was one of those movies that starts off well, but slowly does not turn into anything special. So what I liked at the beginning was the mystery, and this was what really made me want to see the movie. After a quick briefing about what has gone on in the future, we were lead to when Cpl. Bower awakens in the hyper sleep chamber. He got out and was not sure what was going on. He figures out a few things piece by piece. I liked this because it made me think about what was going on too. It was like the both of us were trying to figure it out, but of course he's got a leg up on me. After being alone for awhile, Lt. Payton woke up in his chamber equally confused. The pair team together to try to get out of the section of the ship they were locked in. Bower eventually climbed out through an opening in the ceiling, and made it out to another section of the ship while Payton kept radio contact. To this point, the movie was still interesting. It was dark, the ship was malfunctioning, and there was tension caused by not knowing what was truly going on.
Then things went from interesting to weird. He had a run in with creatures that you are unsure if they are part human or not. This was a point you could debate and was left open a little. The creatures feed on the humans and to a surprise even themselves. Yes, cannibals on board the ship. They had what I would call some tribe like characteristics. They were actually hunting the humans by setting traps which I found interesting. So at this point, the movie started to turn more into an Alien type movie, which did disappoint me because I was hoping for more of a psychological movie. From this point on, it was just keep away from the creatures.
Bower met other characters on board the ship. Each of them was weird, and I was not sure if I was more confused about the characters, or if the characters were more confused about what was going on. One guy, Manh, did not speak English, and was like a karate master. He was matched by a woman, Nadia, also a karate master, but apparently also a smart scientist, or lab technician. After there was some tension between the three of them, they teamed up to try to make it to the ship's reactor before it fails battling the creatures. These characters and a few more just did not seem to fit. I kept wondering how these characters could have been on the ship in the first place. I guess they tried to show how they got the people to get on board, but it just did not feel right to me. To me, Manh and Nadia seemed like nothing else then people who were better equip to fight the creatures than Bower and that was it.
While Bower tried to get to the reactor with his new buddies, Payton continuously lost and regained contact with Bower. You wondered what his purpose was because he was trying to help, but really does not. It got old and I wished he would have lost contact early on for good. Instead, he rescued Gallo, another crew member, he heard stuck in the shaft that Bower climbed through earlier. Like the others, he was also not sure what was going on. At this point, this I found someone else, but they did not know what was going on was getting old. As time passed, the two got into a conversation, in which you get some clue about what happened before everyone ended up in the sleep chambers. Finally, some sense on what was going on even though they still leave things open for you to figure out. You do find out what pandorum was, and what that had to do with everything. This tipped me off that there was going to be a twist coming, so it got me back into the movie a little (and I do mean a little). The movie was about as interesting as this review is at this point. Back to the point, Gallo and Payton continued there back and forth argument about the ship, not trusting what the other was saying. The movie tries to build up some tension here, but I never got into it. 
Skipping forward, events happened and the movie ends (not giving away the ending). Given what happens in the movie, I was disappointed with how it ended. I will say I did not expect it to end the way it did, and I wonder if anyone else saw that coming. So I will give the movie some credit for the different kind of ending even though I did not like it.
So to answer if this movie was more like Aliens or a basically a mind trick, I have to say it was more like a very weak Aliens. The movie started off interesting, and definitely had my attention. Unfortunately, it lost a great deal of my interest as the movie went on. It started out well, but just became weird. I never really bought into the alien cannibals on board. The movie did have an ending I did not see coming, but was not all that special to me. So this movie gets 1 pool of blood.


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