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  Oh, hey there True Blood fans! I was just sitting here sipping some blood from a heart. I like to celebrate another great episode in that way. I can’t believe this is going to be the second to last “My Thoughts…” of the season. This season definitely needs more episodes. Oh well, let me put this heart down and get to my thoughts on episode 11, “Soul of Fire.”
  So after a little confusion about who arrived to stop the witches, I figured out that it was the vamps, and I was ready for an all out attack. Instead, they did a little more talking. Where are all the explosions? You think I really had patience when Jessica was holding a bazooka? I guess Jason kind of saved them by warning them before they walk right into the shield.
  They didn’t waste too much time getting to my favorite line of the week. It is also another first for line of the week, as it goes to several people all for the same line. You guessed it, “Fuckin’ Sookie,” “Fuckin’ Sookie,” “Fuckin’ Sookie!” Hell I think I even threw in a “Fuckin’ Sookie!” Come on, you know you said “Fuckin’ Sookie” too!
  Inside we saw Marnie take a step further into the dark side. She tells the witches that they can take a knife, and fight through the vamps. Casey takes the offer, but only gets a knife to the stomach. That was a pretty cool flip of the wrist. Again, Antonia is upset by Marnie’s actions, and comes out to complain about it. This time Lafayette is there to give everyone the play by play. I liked when he said she “just pucked out a bitch.” I thought Antonia was supposed to be the more powerful witch, but I guess not.
   Quick thinking Jesus tricks Marnie into thinking Casey is alive so that he could bring her to the bathroom. Lafayette and him are going to use her blood for a spell. When Jesus first hit the scene, I didn’t take him for the hero type. However, he has proved to be a take-charge kind of guy, as he saved the baby, and now everyone else.
  A couple of episodes ago I mentioned how Andy really didn’t have a big role this season, and his character seemed to be going nowhere. Well, I think that all changed in this episode. In the weirdest moment of the night, Andy is walking home, and having a great conversation with… himself! That is when a light appears followed by a fairy. She makes him swear to protect her in return for some fun in the grass. I guess I should have known they weren’t done with fairies, but a guy can hope right? Looks like Andy might have a larger role next season.
  So in the only other storyline of the night, Sam and Alcide are still questioning this guy about Marcus. I thought it was more fun when they were beating the crap out of him. Surprisingly Luna comes in demanding to know where Marcus is because he has taken Emma. Apparently he is at Alcide’s house putting the moves on Deb. Oh, I just couldn’t wait for Alcide to walk in that bedroom.
  When they finally get to the house, Luna takes her daughter because it is go time. I got to give it Sam, he could have just shot him, and moved on but he handled it like a man. You know I hate the pack master so I was rooting for Sam to get rid of him, but unexpectedly Alcide finished him off. It was a very interesting scene because you have two guys who are generally good, maybe not Sam all the time, put in a situation that wasn’t going to end well. Alcide was obviously not happy, and took it out on Deb. So long Deb, thanks for coming! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Such an enjoyable moment, no more Marcus, and hopefully no more Deb.
  Back to the exciting stuff. Marnie tried to sick the robot sheriffs on Bill and Eric, but that failed. One sheriff got his heart ripped out, there was a lot of that going on, and the other had her necklace stolen by Pam. Oh Pam! So maybe they were short on explosions to start, but there were fireworks to come. It was awesome when Bill threw that sheriff into the shield. Burn, burn, burn, and then splat!
  One thing I got tired of this season is Bill and Eric being put in situations where we are suppose to think they are going to die. It is just not happening so knock it off. Bill wasn’t going to shoot Eric. Instead Pam did the shooting, as she fired the bazooka right at the shield. In another awesome shield moment, it held off the shot, and then exploded sending a ball of fire back at them. Man, if that shield holds of that kind of shot, I definitely need a shield!
  Everyone was fine except poor old Jason. Yes poor because not only was he fried, but also had to drink more of Jessica’s blood. The two of them are going to be inseparable soon. That is unless some witch cast a spell to drag the vamps into the shield first, but what are the chances of that happening? What… and there they go.
  Seeing her certain death, Marnie convinces the witches to chant one last time in hopes of changing the future. I couldn’t believe Sookie joined the circle. She looked confused the entire time she was in there. Almost like she didn’t know whose side to take. At the last second, she breaks the circle in a way only she can, and saves the vamps. This pissed off Marnie, and she cast a circle of fire around Sookie.
  At this point, I was getting dizzy because someone needed saving every few minutes. I guess I can’t complain because it keeps the action rolling. With everything coming down to the wire, our new hero Jesus works to complete the spell as fast as he can. Again, was Sookie really going to burn to death? Jesus breaks the bond between Antonia, and Marnie, as we see Antonia pull away from Marnie and then disappear. How come she just didn’t disappear earlier?
  And now for the moment we have all be waiting for… Bill and Eric vs. Marnie! The two speed inside, and come face to face with Marnie and… Roy. Yes Roy, not really a fair fight. Not even a chance as Eric rips Roy’s heart out, and toasts to what is going to be Marnie’s death in a matter of seconds. What was a little disappointing was that earlier Bill said he wanted to rip out the witch’s heart, but instead he just shot her. I guess it would have been hard to top what Eric just did.
  The two organize a little clean up while Sookie keeps looking at them. A penny for your thoughts? Could this be the end of her and vamps… again? I heard there is a wolf that has just become available!
  Ding-dong the witch is dead! Woo time to celebrate! Wait… that wasn’t the season finale! Something is not right here. If she is dead then what the hell is going to happen in the season finale? Then just as I was making notes about something not being right, it is the return of Marnie! Oh shit, that gave me chills! Poor Lafayette, he is just getting used and abused.
  So there will be plenty of questions to be answered in the season finale. Can Jesus be a hero one last time, or will Marnie get revenge on him? Will Andy see his fairy friend again? Will Hoyt find out about Jessica and Jason? Just who is patrolling the streets of Bon Temps when Andy and Jason are not around? Will Emma blame Sam for the death of her father, and keep Sam and Luna apart? Will Pam and Eric make up? And Sookie, it won’t be a season finale if she isn’t faced with some kind of decision over which man to have by her side. So I leave you those questions as I go looking for another heart to suck on. Eric is such a hog!



  1. Great review!! The heart scene was the best! Squee!

  2. Zombie Mom: Thanks! Definitely love when Eric rips out some hearts! One of the best parts of True Blood for horror fans! Thanks for commenting!


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