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Monday, September 12, 2011


  Tick, tick, tick… hmm what is that sound? Oh yea, that is the bomb that typically drops in a show’s season finale. Going into this episode, I was very curious to see when that bomb would drop, and what would it be. So here are my thoughts on episode 12, “And When I Die”, and sadly my thoughts on the season and what is to come.
  Jesus and Lafayette were having breakfast with Jesus really looking forward to the future. He wanted to move on without magic, but he didn’t know a big ball of bad magic was sitting right in front of him. Moment’s later, bam! Fork to the hand… ouch! Poor Jesus was tied up, and Marnie wanted his bad magic.
  Just when I spent last week praising Jesus for being a new hero on the show, they go and take him away from us. You can say he went out a hero because if he didn’t do what Marnie wanted, she was going to slice Lafayette up. I guess I can throw out my hopes of a good vs. bad witch battle between him and Lafayette. It was kind of shocking that they killed him off, but it wasn’t the bomb.
  Jesus and Lafayette weren’t the only ones with a bad start to the day. Sookie was making coffee when she had a flashback of seeing her grandma dead on the floor. That was kind of unexpected. She then talks with Tara about missing her grandma. While this was going on, Sam was at the cemetery saying goodbye to Tommy. It really was quite a depressing start to this episode.
  I didn’t think he would do it this season, but Jason actually told Hoyt that he slept with Jessica. Not only that he slept with her, but how he did it. Oh Jason, you are still too funny. By the way, telling someone that kind of news at a construction site is not a good idea! Hoyt gave him a quick beating, but I thought it would have been worse. He let Jason off the hook for now. Tick, tick… still no bomb yet!
  Sookie made it out of the house, and to the bar only to be surprised by zombies! Ok, it was only Arlene and Terry dressed as zombies, but it was still cool. Such a bad joke, but I loved it… hand sandwich! For a show that is about vampires, they sure took some shots at them early on. Arlene said zombies are the new vampires, and Jesus even yelled out “vampires suck.” They better watch out because “The Walking Dead” is coming.
  Then for a moment you all know I liked, Sookie had a surprise visitor at the bar, Alcide! That’s right, just opening that door for the two of them to be together. I wish he would have just come out and told her he loved her, but he kind of did it in a backwards way. I still think she got the hint… hopefully. Ring, ring! Hey, who the hell is interrupting their moment? Come on now! But who was that if it wasn’t Deb…hmm?
  Was it me, or did it seem like it went from morning, afternoon, and then night awfully quick? Tara went to see how Lafayette was doing only to find a dead Jesus. She then raced to the bar to let Sookie know Marnie is back! Sookie just happened to be talking to Holly, a witch dressed as a fairy! The three of them then raced to find Eric and Bill. That is when we find the two of them tied to a pole ready to be set on fire. Of course the two of them are arguing. It was funny when Bill said he liked brain damaged Eric better.
  Sookie and friends to the rescue! Lafayette appears and sets the vamps on fire only to get blasted by Sookie. This allowed the three to start a spell putting up another shield and raising the dead. Again, I really need to learn these spells. The shields are awesome, and to raise the dead… yea probably not a good idea.  
  Then some disappoint sets in. Antonia, and Sookie’s grandma basically do away with Marnie after listening to more of her whining. It really wasn’t an exciting end to Marnie. I also didn’t like not seeing how Bill and Eric end up on the pole. It was kind of like they spent so much time on this storyline throughout the season, they rushed to end it and move on. Speaking of rushing, can someone get the extra crispy vampires down?
  So now that the whole witch thing was over, it was time for some unexpected visitors. First, Arlene gets a visit from her worst nightmare, her ex. That was awesome how she had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. Interesting, the ghost of Terry’s past. I wonder where that is going. Tick, tick…
  Then Jason got a couple of unexpected visitors. The first one was a welcome visitor, as Red Riding Hood herself made her first appearance on True Blood. Oh, that was Jessica. Of course it was Jessica. Imagine what little kids would think if they saw what Red Riding Hood did before visiting grandma’s house. So the two of them had there fun on the couch, and it was good to see Jason still has his Miller Lite sponsorship. They really had a weird conversation. I think they are right; they should just have sex for now. It is too confusing when they start talking.
  After Jess leaves, there is another knock on the door, the Reverend! What the hell? Where did he come from? It has been a while. Can someone fill me in on the last time we saw him? I don’t remember what happened to him last. Jason better not invite him in. Did the bomb just go off? No, false alarm!
  Then a scene that comes almost out of nowhere. They had to throw it in just to have Pam appear, but it wasn’t necessary except to give me my favorite line of the night. That is right, Pam wins the last one of the season when she says, “I’m so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina…and her unbelievably stupid name. Fuck Sookie!” Wow, that is a lot of hate for Sookie, and two weeks in a row someone saying F’ Sookie!
  Good thing Pam didn’t see Eric and Bill sucking on Sookie’s arms. That was definitely an interesting site, especially with the two of them in the same pj’s. Then Sookie crushed the vamps in a way that only she could. She would lift their hopes of being by her side, and then drive a stake right through those hopes. And the best part, she did it to the both of them more than once. Bring on Alcide!
  Tick, tick… woo looks like that bomb is so close to going off. So it turns out one of his construction friends was the one who called Alcide. Very, very, interesting! Was that supposed to be a hole in the concrete? Some chains on the floor, and a glamed construction worker. No reason to get excited, it is probably nothing…NOT!!!
  My head was spinning with ideas, especially when Nan walked in with her stormtroppers. Then she said she quit the Authority. Oh man, so what does she want now? Ugh, you had to go and mention Sookie. Heads will roll for that! I really really didn’t expect that to happen. Hell, it happened so fast I missed it as I took notes. I only caught Bill putting an end to Nan. Love that blood splatter!
  Anyone knows where I can get some more blood splatter. Boom! What the hell was that? Oh shit, Tara just took a bullet for Sookie. What a good friend. Damn, that Deb! When will see the end of her all ready? Boom! Yes, now that is what I’m talking about! No more Deb! What a joyous ending!
  Boom! What another gun shot? No that was the bomb going off! But did you notice it wasn’t as loud as the gun shoot? More like the bomb fizzled out. While this was a good episode, I can’t say it made for the best finale. I mean, someone getting shot at the end of the season. Why do shows feel that makes for a good ending to a season finale? It has been done so many times now. Plus, like I have been complaining about all season long, why do they keep trying to make us think characters, that we know are not going to die, seem like they are going to die? It was great how they killed off Nan and Deb, but they aren’t major characters. Jesus dying was a little more of a shock, but he isn’t that major a character and he can come back as a ghost. If it turns out that Tara really is dead, I will give them more credit for this ending.
  Really, I think the previous episode would have made for a great ending, and this episode would have made a great season premiere. The only thing the previous episode lacked was opening up more storylines for next season, which they did with this episode. But as far as the shock value that you want with a finale, I think having Marnie appear over Lafayette was crazier than Tara getting shot. Oh well, it was an absolutely great season of True Blood, and I can’t wait for next season.
  Speaking of next season let me finish off this novel by giving my thoughts on some of the characters and storylines for next season. First, it will be interesting to see what they come up with to battle the vampires now that they have done wolves, and witches. I’m kind of disappointed that it appears the whole thing with Arlene’s baby is over, but they did open the door for Terry turning bad. That is hard to believe, but could be interesting. Something they didn’t expand on in this episode is Andy and his fairy friend. He has to have a bigger role next season with whatever this fairy wants from him. I’m kind of surprised at the lack of fairies they had this season, but that is a good thing.
  So who is the wolf behind Sam? Could Marcus be alive, or was it one of his friends? I thought maybe it was Deb, but that was quickly shot down. And not that I care, but will Emma be a wolf or shifter? We need more shifters, so I say shifter. My guess is Jesus will take on a role similar to what Godric is to Eric. We will see him when Lafayette gets in trouble, which probably won’t take long. I wonder if Lafayette will ever let Jesus possess him.
  What kind of trouble will Jason and Jessica cause? They can’t be good for each other. I have no clue what is up with the Reverend. I think we might see a bad Hoyt next season. He had too much go wrong for him that it would be a nice change seeing him get some of that frustration out. Poor Pam! Now that Sookie isn’t with Bill and Eric, will she finally get her hands on Sookie…probably not but it would be a fun fight. I think Bill and Eric should work as a team next season. They did so well getting rid of Nan, and they are actually pretty funny when they argue.
  Tara will be fine, so I’m not worried about her. Sookie, well I think you know what I hope happens with her. I just worry that if killing Deb will actually be something that makes it hard for Alcide to get over. Damn Deb may ruin things even from the grave. And what I’m most excited about…my friend from the cement of course!!! Now back to “Waiting Sucks!”


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