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Thursday, August 9, 2012


  About a year ago writer and director James Cullen Bressack gave me the pleasure of reviewing his film “My Pure Joy.” It was such a joy to watch and review that it left me anxious for his next film. Well, it is finally here: “Hate Crime.” Again, James has given me a chance to review his film, as he looks to have it shown at upcoming film festivals.
  Since only a select few have seen the film, I have been asked to keep the details to a minimum in order to preserve the film’s shock value. Of course that had me eager to see what is so shocking about this film. After watching it, I completely agree with why he wants to save the shock value for audiences.
  From a horror perspective, there are several shocking moments that horror fans will appreciate. Even more than the horror, there are moments that might shock audiences personally. It might make them think things like “did they really say that,” or “did they really just do that.” There are really no boundaries for this film. There are also plenty of twists and turns, along with a very fitting ending.
  What really impresses me about this film is how real it felt. The audience is put right in the middle of the action because it is a found footage type film. However, it is not about being all crazy with the camera shaking it around for scares. Having the camera up at the side of the characters really puts the emotions of the characters on display. Also, it adds to the aforementioned personal shock value, along with putting the audience right in the middle of the madness.
  The film is shot very crisply even with the camera being carried around by characters. The audience gets a clean view of everything they need to see. Without being able to discuss specific performances, lets just say the acting is strong all around. However, there are certainly some performances that stand out a little more than others.
  The title of this film gives the audience a clue on what they might think this film is about. It is that, and probably even more than they are imagining. Since I can’t give you more details, I hope I have at least convinced you that this film is shocking, and worth seeing. So if you see “Hate Crime” listed at a film festival near you, please head out and check it out! I give it a solid 3 pools of blood!


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