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Monday, August 20, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 11

  Oh pick me! Pick me! Over here... Pick me! I want to be the chosen one! Yes, I know I'm not a vampire, but maybe Lilith can over look that. Praise Lilith! So while we wait to see who Lilith picks, here are my thoughts on episode 11, "Sunset."
  This was definitely my kind of episode, as it had plenty of action, blood, and lots of important moments for many of the characters. Starting off with Bill, I thought he was going to jump at the chance to be the chosen one. I couldn't believe it when he walked away. It was probably the only thing he did that I liked. No, I also liked when he killed the other chancellor, but that was it.
  Nora, Nora, Nora, you were almost the last one I would have expected to change sides. The change, and sex scene did seem a little too random and sudden to me. I think that switch needed a little more explaining than they showed. I'm glad Superman, I mean Eric, was faking it like I hoped, but Nora switched too fast. The power of Godric!
  Oops! Sorry Lilith! Jessica contributed to some depressing moments last week, but she was a star in this episode. Glad to see she has more faith in Jason than Bill. I was shocked at the thought of Jason being a vamp. I'm glad they didn't go through with it. Instead of the wall saying "Vampires Suck," it should have said, "Bill's security team sucks." Providing plenty of bloody moments!
  From one badass lady vamp to two more, Pam and Tara. Good move by Jess to go see Pam, as there aren’t too many familiar faces left to turn to. If anything, Jess deserved to be slapped for not staying hidden. I was wondering how that sheriff got his job. It’s always good to know people in high places. Too bad Pam couldn't rip that chancellor apart. At first I thought Pam was taking the fall for Tara, but she also went in looking for Eric. Boy she’s going to be surprised he's not there. At least she found Bill’s breakfast in one of the funniest moments of the night.
  Vanilla Ice for or against? So the government knows what the vamps are up to. Figures, they probably know what the aliens are up to as well. You know I thought the government was going to play a bigger role in how things turned out. Then a quick flip of the wrist by Eric and that was the end of that. Eric really screwed them cause they can’t glamour everyone, not that Eric is going to anyway. I thought it was pretty awesome when the general mentioned how humans own the day. Really, it’s weird to think who wins might be determined by the time of day.
  Congratulation is in order. Andy is going to be a father, who knew? Certainly not him. I initially thought that scene with Holly and her boys was a waste of time, but now I see where that is going. I didn’t even notice the pregnant fairy was the one that was with Andy. There are too many fairies to keep track of. Wow, fairies take commitment seriously. An act of war if he doesn’t except his fairy child? Crazy! And there is no way Arlene is going to be able to hide this from Holly. Wonder if the child will be for or against Lady Gaga?
  The following segment is brought to you by Campbell’s Vegetable Beef Soup, the official soup of wolves! Good to see you Alcide, it’s been what two weeks? They didn’t take long to say why his dad got kicked out of the pack. I thought that was a weak reason, and I’m not even sure I care. It was much cooler seeing Al take on those baby vamps. And what’s up with baby vamps anyway? Didn’t I unfortunately see that already in one of those Twilight movies? Praise Lilith, only one Twilight movie left! Back to a show with real vampires, that was a nice shot by Al’s dad, especially since he’s been drinking all day. Those baby vamps could've had a job on Bill’s security team.
    How am I suppose to impress Carrie, I mean Lilith, if I can’t even pick a favorite line of the night? This episode was so serious; it was hard find any great lines. I guess last week was hard as well. That isn’t sounding great for next week, but let me focus on this episode. I did like when Andy mentioned he prefers his own species, but by default I think I will give the award to Pam. In typical Pam fashion she said, “Maybe later we can braid each other's hair, and talk about boys.” You know, I might just pay to see a scene of them doing that! Maybe they can even tell me if they are for or against Axl Rose.
  What a crazy fairy? She was making me dizzy dancing all around. Shouldn’t your elders be a little calmer? Apparently there is a lot more to the story of the Stackhouse’s and Warlow, but Jason just had to interrupt. Looks like that is going to be a storyline that will continue into season 6. I wonder if she was for or against dying?
  What? Lilith officially rejects me as the chosen one. You mean Salome can be the chosen one and I can’t. Screw Lilith then, praise the King. I was on his side all along anyway. How awesome was he at the end? Jason and the fairies thought they tricked him. I was curious why Jason was waiting outside the house for them instead of inside. Too bad the King is always a side step ahead. He sucked that fairy dry. I can’t wait to see what he does now that he can see the fairy nightclub. The game of hide and seek always comes to an end. Weak fairies couldn’t even help out an elder.
  So I guess I will conclude this with some predictions for next week. Here’s an easy one, Bill will still suck. Hopefully Eric won’t waste too much time trying to save him. Sam won’t be good for breakfast, as he will shift, and run, fly, or scurry away. Pam will have some wise remark once she figures out who Luna is. Maybe Jess will free Pam, Luna, and the little wolf. Tara might take the opportunity to sit in Pam’s chair. Alcide will look for a better sponsor so he can really eat like a wolf should. His dad takes the Packers to win the Super Bowl. Andy, while sad, will be happy to learn the King ate his baby’s momma. Too bad he will still have to deal with that witch Holly after Arlene spills the beans. Terry will still be afraid of fires. Maybe Lafayette does something important so we remember he is more than just the cook. Jason wakes up a new man, and the Rev wakes up with only a squirrel to chew on. Sookie will be the only fairy that has enough light to stand up against the King. The King will still be awesome as he eats another fairy or two. That is until Warlow stops him from eating Sookie. The Authority will be no longer, as Nora takes down Salome. There will be no more praise for Lilith. And I predict I will have another round of predictions next week for what is to come in season 6. So last one, for or against the people who sing the songs at the end of the episodes?


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