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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Episode 12

  OMG! I can't believe they killed the King... Again! True Blood has killed off two of my favorite characters. I don't think any show has ever done that to me. I don't know if I can go on writing. Oh who am I kidding, you can clearly see I've written more. Still I'm not happy about this turn of events. So here are the rest of my thoughts on the season finale, "Save Yourself."
  Let me describe this episode with two words: Absolute insanity! No way did I think they would start off by killing the King. He was having such a good time getting blasted by fairies. At least he got to go out eating a fairy. I guess I can be happy that Eric finally got his revenge. Is it too early for a moment of silence for the King?
  Speaking of insanity, Jason woke up a little on the other side of the tracks. Very interesting how he could see his parents. Boy are they upset a vampire killed them. They probably didn’t know Sookie was promised to Warlow either. Hey, we didn’t get to see him in this episode. One of next season’s storyline’s I see. Jason should have asked his parents about him while he could still see them.
  Don’t you hate when breakfast just flies away from you. I’m glad to see that vampires have just as hard of a time catching them as I do. That was hilarious watching Bill jump around the room after Sam. I tell you, Sam always knows the best thing to shift into.
  Favorite line of the night time! Yes, they didn’t make it easy again with all the insanity going on. Since this was the finale, I think I’ll pick two. Both occurred in the same scene where Eric, Nora, and Tara enter Sookie’s, I mean Eric’s house. The first line is when Jason and Eric call each other names: “Fanger…Yes blood back…leach…breather…dead fuck…meat sack!” Then Jason followed that up with “If I want to be a fool then I will be a fool.”
  Look who’s the big man now. Alcide…packmaster! About time. Too bad he still had to cheat. Good old dad was hiding the good stuff. Never liked JD, but it was cool how he had that vampire hanging there for them to drink blood. They made it just too easy for Alcide to win. Besides the hanging vamp, that scene was weak. Too much moral high ground stuff after he killed JD.
  Fly vision! Leave it to True Blood to bust that out. Sam has been an absolute star this season. First taking out the Obamas, and now finding his way into the Authority headquarters. That was a good plan to escape. So good I didn’t catch it at first. That secretary might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but she noticed the lack of an accent from the Rev. Luna will never have a career as a new anchor. When the chancellor took her to make the speech I was wondering how they would get out of that mess. Apparently you get out of a mess by making a mess. Like Lafayette said, “I did not see that shit coming!” What Sam did was beyond awesome!
  Could someone please tell Sook and Jason to stop arguing over the vamps? It’s really boring me to death. Can someone bring me some pepper to keep me from passing out? Those fairies are so freaking weird. Everyone in that scene was weird. What is in Lafayette’s drinks, and when can I get one? Holly took the news better than I thought. I guess she didn’t have much of a choice once the alien’s light broke. So funny! Poor Andy wasn’t laughing when he got left with four children. But there is a bright side, only two have to survive. So much for that war!
  Let the blood bath begin! Rambo, I mean Jason, went nuts just shooting down vamps left and right. He even shot a pool of blood. Way to make daddy proud. Then Eric and Nora got into it with an aerial assault. I just loved all of the blood splatter in this episode. Makes up for the lack of a war, but lets not get into that. Holy shit! I would never have thought I would be seeing Pam and Tara kiss. I would have expected Pam to be kissing Eric, but they surprisingly barely said hello. And poor Jess, Jason really left her hanging.
  Oh Salome. You should have never trusted Bill. I was shocked when he said she was the chosen one, but knew he was up to something. If someone would have just poured that bottle of blood down the sink. Sookie should have just blasted him. And why did Eric just stand there? He was so good until that point. I was totally shocked when Bill exploded. I couldn’t believe True Blood had just killed off a major character. Love the King and he’s a fan favorite, but he's just short of being a major character. Then they proved they couldn’t do it. Praise Billith!
  Well, this was an interesting season. Obviously some people liked it, while others didn’t. I have to say I enjoyed it. It was different not having a new supernatural creature introduced, and it really focused on vamps. We got to see more into the importance of makers. They played off of that well with a vampire God. Some characters really were stars like Sam, Jessica, and Jason, while others faded away like Hoyt, Alcide, and Lafayette. There was no war, no shock there, but at least it end with a good blood bath.
  Now some predictions for next season. What… a bonus scene? Meanwhile back at the Authority. Since when is there a bonus scene? Jason acting a little crazy again. Wow, I thought he was going to do something stupid for a second. What do you know about Warlow huh? That’s what I thought. We couldn’t forget about him in the season finale.
  So can I get to my predictions, or is there something else. No…ok good. Well this is hard since several characters left off doing nothing. I guess what happens next for characters like Arlene, Terry, and Lafayette is anyone’s guess. Anyone think Hoyt returns… nah? How about the Rev? Looks like he ran for his life. I look forward to watching Andy handle four girls. They will be adults by the end of season 6. The question is will Holly help him out… maybe. Sam will take over sheriff duties when Andy takes some time off to be with the girls. That is if Luna isn’t too sick. Sam might end up raising a little wolf. Speaking of wolves, Alcide will run a boring pack. Wolves will be even less important next season.
  Pam and Tara going on a date. Hopefully they will now cause the chaos I thought they would this season. Jess won’t be dating, especially Jason. I feel bad for her after a really good season for her. Nora and Jason will become best friends. I really wonder what she knows about Warlow. He will definitely make an appearance. Looks like the door is open for Eric to be with Sookie again. She might need him to fight off Warlow if Jason can’t handle him. And Billith! No prediction there. I have no clue what they are going to do with that.
  With all of that said, I have had a blast writing about True Blood for another season. Hopefully, I can do it again next season. I leave you the bonus scene in case you missed it, and the theme song one last time!


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