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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


  While it seems a good deal of people enjoyed "The Collector," I have an issue with it that just continues to bug me. The movie just ignores who the Collector is way too much. All the audience knows is he collects people, and that's it. No reason why, where he came from, and why Arkin couldn't seem to kill him. So would "The Collection" give audiences a sufficient look at who the Collector is?
  “The Collection” takes place not long after the previous movie. Early on, Arkin (Josh Stewart) manages to escape the Collector (Randall Archer) at a warehouse party. In the same scene, the Collector collects another victim, Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick). Being the only person to escape the grasp of the Collector, Arkin is approached by Lucello (Lee Tergesen) about Elena’s whereabouts. Lucello, who works for Elena’s father, forces Arkin to help him and his team find the Collector, who is held up at an abandon hotel.
  There is nothing like starting off the holidays with a blood bath. That is pretty much what happens in the warehouse scene, and sets the stage for plenty more blood splattering, bone crushing moments. As in the first movie, the death scenes are on point. Yes, the special effects could have been better at times, but it’s still pretty good for those looking for some gore. The audience also gets to see him torture a few souls, and what he has done to others. He's definitely a sick and twisted individual.
  Which leads me to all the aforementioned questions about the Collector. No, I won’t ruin it and tell you everything about him, but they do shed some light on who he is. As expected, they didn’t answer all the questions, for example how in the hell does he know how to build all these traps. In “Saw” the audience gets to see Jigsaw working on his traps, so at least they see him experimenting. However, after finding out the Collector’s background, it explains more about what is he is doing to his victims, but not how he can do all of the trap building.
  It just seems to be one of those horror movie things that typically gets a pass, which there is plenty of in this movie. There is a totally unbelievable escape from one of the Collector’s suitcases, another not so simple as it seems escape from a cage, and for those that don’t know you don’t preserve bodies in water. After seeing it, come back to me, and we can talk more specifically about that. Going back to “Saw” for a moment, this movie reminds me of “Saw II” in some ways (a group of people trying to escape a building that is totally booby-trapped.) Not too shocking considering this movie is brought to us by some of the same people who worked on the Saw movies.
  In the end, I guess I got what I wanted, which was answers. Yes, not all of it makes sense, and there is still some things left untold, which is expected. The final scene does leave the door open for more, so maybe they can complete his story one day. If you enjoyed the deaths scenes, and gore in the first movie, then you will probably enjoy them in this movie as well. While I enjoyed the blood bath plenty, there are just too many coincidences, and things they let pass. If they could’ve just tightened some of those things up, I might have given it more than 2.5 pools of blood.


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