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Monday, November 5, 2012


After watching last night’s episode of The Walking Depression, I mean Dead, I thought it was an episode worthy of talking about. So here are a few thoughts about episode 4, “Killer Within.” If you haven’t seen the episode… DON’T READ…but of course come back after you’ve seen it.

-When you are the leader of a group in the zombie apocalypse, you’re always faced with difficult decisions. Where to go, how to get food, and who to kill? Well, Rick decided to let Andrew try to escape the zombies on his own as opposed to killing him. This episode magnified the consequences of his decision. While at the time it really didn’t even seem like there was a decision to be made, but boy did Andrew’s brief moments on the show change the group forever. Even the smallest decision can cost you big time!

-Coming into the season, we all knew people in the group would die, and I asked people who they wanted to see go. Lori was among the names mentioned, even by myself. However, when the time came I just couldn’t celebrate the fact that she is gone. It was just too damn depressing of a moment, even with the baby surviving. Depressing mostly because Carl was right there by her side. I absolutely loved how they flashbacked to the conversation Rick had with Carl. There couldn’t have been a more perfect moment for that, as it just drove the point home. Poor Carl, that couldn’t have been easy. What a bitch the zombie apocalypse can be!

-Does it seem like whenever someone goes against the group bad things happen to them? There was no one more opposed to the group’s views as Shane, and he died. At the time of Dale’s death, he was against what Rick wanted to do with their hostage. And now T-Dogg, who wanted to show the two prisoners some compassion, has passed on. I have nothing against him, but you could almost see his time coming. His character faded into the background as characters from the farm have stepped forward. At least he went out a hero, which is what you would expect. I’m kind of disappointed we won’t see him meet up with Merle again.

-Speaking of people who have gone against the group, and deserve to die, let me talk about Andrea for a moment. What a bad judge of character she is. First Shane, and now the Governor. Michonne is clearly a survivor, and if she says go, then they need to go. Andrea is not only endangering the two of them by sticking around, she is endangering the group as she continues to spill the beans to Merle. Shut up already!!!

-Obviously I was very impressed with this episode, as I decided to talk about it. I really wonder if this means the show has learned its lesson from last season. I thought after the first 2-3 episodes of last season the show just became a big set up for the mid-season finale, and discovery of Sophia. Knowing that another mid-season finale is coming, I feared they would drag their feet again just setting that up. Well, I can’t say they dragged their feet with last night’s episode. Really, last night’s episode could have been a mid-season finale because nothing will be the same from this point on.

So far season 3 has been amazing. So much has happened in so little time, and there are so many possibilities coming. I hope everyone else is enjoying it as well. And I can’t end this without saying I love how many zombies have been killed. They just keep coming, and keep getting taken down. Now to episode 5!!!!


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