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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Part of my Halloween Horror Nights 23 (HHN) adventures was taking the Unmasking the Horror Tour. This tour takes fans on a behind the scenes look at their haunted houses. Our tour took us into 6 of their 8 houses. I decided to break them each up into their own post in order to give a better look at each of them. This is a behind the scenes look at the “The Cabin in the Woods” house.

The above video is a series of photos that I took while on the tour. What I will be doing now is describing some of the things you saw in the video, so you might want to read this and then go back and watch the video again. There is no better way to start a house then with a body without its head. The representation of a now dead Jules is outside the house, as the chaos has already started inside. 

In the first room, on your left hand side is a couch where a scaractor is yelling. In the pic above you can see a trigger they use while standing on the couch. If he’s on your left, then you better bet there is something scary on your right. You know that missing head? Well, a member of the Redneck Zombie Torture family is standing there with the head. In the video, you can see that the college students were having fun drinking before the family crashed the party. 

From there we travel into a bedroom. Seems like a safe place to sleep, but at night another member of the Redneck Zombie Torture family is standing behind that sheet in the background. On the other side, the mirror might distract you. As we move along, you will start to see some familiar things from the movie like the painting. Then there are dolls like Raggedy Ann, and the Dead Silence doll that seems to appear in a house every year. 

Again, the zombies are hiding waiting for guests to pass by. This time they are hiding behind the film you see. In the light you might not think they are well hidden, but in the dark they are. We move on to see the dollhouse, and some tools that the family used on their victims. Of course, the family isn’t too far from their tools.

Then we move onto where the fun begins. I mentioned in my look at the “Evil Dead” house how I liked how bloody it was. Well that was nothing compared to this house. We see a dismembered body as guests are warned not to go into the elevator room. You all remember that scene in the movie right? The blood is everywhere as you saw in the video. It’s all over the walls, and the ground. There are dead security guards in pieces all over the floor. At night there are still some creatures hanging around the room to catch people who are paying attention to the mess around them. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see them go all out with the blood, and body parts.

We then move into a control room, where you see the Merman on the floor. At night he does have water coming out from him. Up on the wall you will see the famous board they used to place their bets with. You will find choices like “Deadites,” Zombies,” “Hell Lord,” and “Angry Molesting Tree.” Next is the break room, where at night you will find some creatures hanging out by the snack machine. You will also find them having a snack on that dead body. And don’t forget to watch out for the tentacles hanging from the ceiling.

The fun isn’t over yet. Just like in the movie, we get a look at some of the evil that roams the Earth. You will see some really ugly looking creatures, and then some more familiar faces. One of my favorites is the representation of “The Strangers.” As you can see in the video there is space between the mannequin Strangers for a scaractor to stand. Of course I tried to have a conversation with them every time we passed them at night. For HHN fans, there are some characters in that room you might recognize like Jack the Clown.

“The Cabin in the Woods” house had similarities to the “Evil Dead” house, but it wasn’t as focused on the characters as in the “Evil Dead” house. Here it was more about the scenes and creatures, than the college students. There were some good scares at night, especially from the Redneck Zombie Torture family at the beginning. As you might have guessed, I loved the bloody mess. I was excited every time we got close to the elevator room. I also liked the display of creatures, and characters to end the house with. So that was a look at “The Cabin in the Woods” house. If you have any questions about the house, or HHN, please feel free to ask. Also if you want a better look at a specific pic from the video just ask.

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