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Wednesday, November 13, 2019


  “20 Seconds to Live” is a web series made up of several short horror films. Each film has its own characters, and twist. The audience watches a brief set up, but when the timer hits the screen someone will die in 20 seconds. There really are no happy endings here!
  The first of the fours films that will be mentioned here is called “Inspiration.” A scientist believes she’s successfully created a machine for time travel. In her excitement, she says goodbye to her boyfriend, and gets in the machine. Her boyfriend is left staring at a board with all her mathematical work on it. The timer starts, and leaves this with a very chilling end.
  The next film is called “Fish.” Who knew a film with a man, and a fish could be so much fun. It’s the holidays and the man has brought home a fish in a bag as a present. As he sets up the bowl, the fish decides to try and escape. He’s a slippery little sucker, and creates a game of hot potato as the timer begins to tick!
  “Daddy’s Girl” is the third film, which plays on many high school boys’ worst fear on prom night…their date’s father! The boy is told the rules, and that he will die if they are broken. One of the rules is to be back by 11pm, which at first they seem to be early. However, they waste too much time coming in, and are now he must face the father. The timer begins, and the audience gets to see why you have to follow the rules!
  And finally film number four, “Suburban Evil.” A couple decides to help out the neighborhood, and rid it of a monster that has taken residence there. Like the other films, all it takes is one mistake while the timer begins, and it’s all over for someone. Is it the couple, or the monster? Watch and see who made the big mistake this time!
  Overall “20 Seconds to Live” presents a really fun group of films for its second season. You might recognize some faces from popular tv shows or movies, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. The acting is solid, and each film is shot really well. Each film presents some humor where characters make deadly mistakes. The countdown to death is just an added bonus of enjoyment. Here's to not so happy endings, and hoping there will be a season 3!

Get a taste of what the films are with this one below, and check out more at!


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