Ohhh the Horror!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2019


A romantic comedy about two zombies who fall in love while fighting over a dead woman’s intestines.

Starring: Brandon W. Jones, Alexandra Ryan, and Annie Abrams

Directed by: Sarah Gurfield

Written by: Lauren Hynek, and Elizabeth Martin

  “Boy Eats Girl: A Zombie Love Story” starts the way ever zombie film should…with someone getting chased and eaten. In this case, a woman is running away from a boy zombie until she runs into a girl zombie. She falls down, and the two zombies start eating their meal. At first the boy is aggressive and pushes the girl away from the food, but then he seems to take a better look at her. In almost Disney like magic, the two zombies are struck by love, and turn their attention towards some zombie love making!
  Yes, the two zombies make their way over to some bushes for a little private time. Of course the boy falls asleep, so the girl gets up and wanders off. Soon enough the boy wakes, and is sad not to find the girl next him. He walks away apparently wanting more than a one night stand, but will he ever see her again?
  I’m always hesitant about watching romantic horror, but “Boy Eats Girl: A Zombie Love Story” easily proves why it’s an award winning short film. It’s not afraid to create zombies that still have some feelings other than that need to feed. It’s how they tell a typical relationship story, and make it work with zombies instead of regular people. They manage to find the right mix of horror, romance, and perfectly timed humor that makes it so entertaining. This film is definitely worthy of more festival awards, and hopefully will be made available for more audiences to see how this love story ends!


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