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Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Evil lives among us on the tree lined streets and painted homes of Suburbia. Be careful whose door you knock on. It doesn’t take much to arouse it.

Starring: Barry Tangert, and Kerwin Gonzalez

Written by: Joseph Sorrentino Jr.

Directed by: Daniel Brown

  When people first started doing door-to-door sales, it was probably a much safer time. It’s hard to imagine a world where people would actually leave their doors unlocked. Thanks to Amazon, the days of door-to-door salesmen are coming to an end. “House Call” proves it’s probably better that way!
  This short film doesn’t waste too much time getting to the point, as a salesman (Kerwin Gonzalez) soon enough finds himself strapped to a crazy man’s (Barry Tangert) table. Of course nothing good is going to happen to the salesman because the crazy man thinks he’s a doctor, and is ready for surgery. He original calls for heart surgery, but decides to add a couple of procedures before getting to the big one. 
  Barry really makes this short film work with how smoothly he plays the crazy doctor. He acts like he’s doing nothing wrong, and just going about his business. Also, his dialogue while operating is great, as he talks to a snowman and waits for a nurse that’s not there. For those who like a little blood and guts, they manage to torture the salesman just enough to make those with weak stomachs turn away! While this should mark the end of door-to-door salesmen, the ending reminds us of someone else who still knocks on the door these days! You’re better off watching terrific short films like “House Call” than knocking on strangers doors!

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