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Monday, December 23, 2019


A neo pagan couple is terrorized by a divine presence after Agave, our heroin, accidentally spills some blood on the figurines while building a nativity scene. 

Starring: Alice Pintus, Marco Battaglia, and Alessandro Melito

Written and directed by: Lorenzo Fassina

  Everyone has their own way of decorating for the holidays. Some very simply put up a tree while some go all out with lights. And for others putting up a nativity scene is very important to them. However, you wouldn’t expect that to be the case for a pagan couple. Well it’s not the usual for Agave (Alice Pintus) and her boyfriend (Marco Battaglia), but she has been doing some reading and got too curious about other religions. While setting it up, she cuts her hand on a star, and the blood sparks the nativity scene and kicks starts “Presepe Vivente (Living Nativity).”
  The boyfriend wakes up in the middle of the night to find Agave standing next to the nativity scene. He’s shocked by her, and falls on the floor only to witness the first of several crazy moments. Make no mistake, the boyfriend does a lot of the watching like the audience, and Agave drives most of the action. She surprisingly brings the evil into the world, and she takes it out in glorious bloody fashion.
  Just think of “Presepe Vivente” as a nightmare for a pagan couple. This couple is thrown into their own wild, and bloody version of the birth of the Lord. When things seem to settle down, the couple and their family bring the nightmare to life in a very different Christmas dinner. Overall, it’s a great story that’s not afraid to push the limits while still managing to find the right moments for some humor. Dare to celebrate Christmas the pagan way, and watch this great short horror film.

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*There's an after credits scene*

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