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Friday, December 4, 2009


  Imagine waking up in a hospital with no one around. No nurses, doctors, or other patients, just dead silence. You manage to get the strength to walk out of the hospital and it is just as quiet outside as it was inside. That was the world that Jim woke up to 28 days after the infection started. 
  The story followed Jim's fight for survival in London, where people have been infected with rage. The "infected" as they were called, only wanted one thing: to take out their rage on you. It did not take long before they wanted to take their rage out on Jim. Besides the infected, there were not a lot of survivors around, but Jim managed to befriend Selena, Frank, and his daughter Hannah. They decided the only way to survive would be to go to a blockade, which they heard about over a short wave radio saying they had the answer to infection. After quite the adventure, they reached a group of soldiers, who turned a mansion into their private military base. Who survived the infection, I will leave that up to you to see. 
  There were so many things I liked about this movie I don't know where to begin. I guess the first thing I liked was how everything was explained to you throughout the movie. The opening scene of the movie set everything up by showing you what the infection was, and how it started. Jim woke up knowing not much more than you did about the infected, but as he learned about them, so did you. The characters he met along the way filled you in on the infected, and how London became the way it did. 
  That leads me to another thing I liked about the movie, which was the setting of the movie. It was good to see a movie that was not set in New York, Miami, a typical American town, or even in a forest. I thought they did a good job setting the mood as they moved about the city. The complete silence around the characters as they moved throughout the city was pretty depressing. In one scene, they are driving down a highway with no one else on the road. To make matters more depressing, you see the town burning down in the background. 
  I liked the mix of freaky, yet intense scenes. Any scenes where you knew the infected were coming were intense. The movie made you feel the tension the characters felt. I was like "hurry up, what are you doing, run!” One scene that I thought was particularly freaky was at the beginning when Jim walked into a church. He still was not sure what was going on and did not know about the infected. He went upstairs, and looked over the balcony to see a ton of bodies lying over the church benches. By accident he made a noise, and suddenly several faces pop up and look up at him. They were frozen, giving a creepy look. Then a door opened and a father walked out clearly infected, but not at full speed yet. Jim freaked out, and so did I.
  I also liked how the movie managed to make a point about people’s behavior. Basically the actions of the infected are compared to the actions of non-infected people. There was a scene where the soldiers are having dinner for the first time with Jim and his friends. They discussed how the world was no different at that moment than it had been before the infection started. They said people were killing before it all started, and they still were now. That was one of the things Jim battled with as the movie went on. He never killed any one before this all happened, and was hesitant to even kill the infected now. Compare that to Selena, who was more than willing to kill to survive. Throughout the movie, you see Jim get over this. The movie did a good job of showing that you did not have to be infected to take out your rage. 
  The last thing that I will mention that I liked (or I will go on forever) was the infected themselves. In some zombie movies you get zombies that are slow and dumb. Well, in this movie they still may not be that smart, but they sure as hell are not slow. The rage inside them made them move plenty fast. Their motivation to take their rage out on you made them actually run after you. Their eyes were red as if they were filled with blood. Speaking of blood, they continually puked blood, and whatever nasty stuff that comes out of them. You definitely do not want one of them on top of you. 
  I think you will enjoy following Jim’s adventure from beginning to end. The movie will freak you out, and bring plenty of tension. If it doesn't, then put yourself in their shoes and that should help. There were many things to like including the mood, setting, killings, and even the dialogue. You get to see how Jim changed from someone needing protection to being the protector. It should not be surprising that I give this movie 5 pools of blood.


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