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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


  Everyday you wake up and go to work. During your time at work, you are faced with tough decisions while trying to please your customers. Sometimes things work out perfectly for you and the customers. Sometimes things work out for the customer, but not you. Then there are the times when things go your way, but not the customers'. When that happens, do you ever feel like you may have crossed the wrong person, and it will come back to haunt you?
  That was what happened to Christine Brown in this movie. She was a loan officer at a bank, who was fighting for a promotion. Her manager told her that he was looking for someone who was willing to make the tough decisions, and was leaning towards picking another guy for the job. With that said, an old lady faced with an eviction notice, Mrs. Ganush, came into the bank to talk to Christine about getting another extension on her loan. Christine seemed like a nice girl and naturally wanted to help the old lady. She asked her manager about the loan, but he left the decision in her hands. Christine had to choose between helping Mrs. Ganush and forgoing a chance at a promotion, or denying Mrs. Ganush the loan and securing the promotion. Well, Christine looked out for number one, as they say, and boy did it come back to haunt her!
  Mrs. Ganush begged for Christine to help her, even got on her knees in front of everyone at the bank. Christine was embarrassed, but refused to change her mind. Security came to remove Mrs. Ganush from the bank. At that time, Mrs. Ganush told Christine that she had shamed her. Later in the evening, Mrs. Ganush attacked Christine in the parking garage. This was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. You wouldn't expect an old lady to put up such a great fight. The fight concluded with Mrs. Ganush putting a curse on Christine before disappearing. From that point on, Christine searched for a way out of the curse while being haunted by Mrs. Ganush, and tormented by the demon that wanted to drag her to hell.
  While the story focused on Christine, she was not the star of this movie. By far, the star of this movie was Mrs. Ganush. I thought everything about her was great, from her appearance to each and every way she haunted Christine. The first time we saw her, she sat down at Christine's desk and removed her fake teeth so that she could eat a mint. She had a messed up eye, which definitely made it hard to look her straight in the face. She is everything you are happy your grandmother isn't: creepy and disgusting. The beauty of her character was that she did not even have to talk. After she passed away, Mrs. Ganush haunted Christine several times. There was a great scene where Christine dreamt that she woke up with Mrs. Ganush next to her. Mrs. Ganush then got on top of her and vomited all over her. I have to say, I loved the back and forth between the two. Christine always got the dirty end of the encounters, while Mrs. Ganush got the physical punishment.
  As much as I liked Mrs. Ganush, I did not like Christine. Actually, it wasn't Christine, but the woman who played Christine. I just did not think she did a good job acting. Whenever she delivered an emotional line, it was more laughable than believable. She was trying to portray Christine's frustrations with what was happening to her, but she couldn't deliver the lines naturally. I would not say it ruined the movie, but it did take something away from it. At certain points in the movie, I think they may have wanted you to feel for what Christine was going through, but I never got that feeling.
  The action scenes were shot in an unusual way. They were clearly fake, but I got the feeling the director didn't care if you saw it that way. They slowed these scenes down so that you could see particular things happening, but in the process revealed how fake the scene was. I don't think they took the movie seriously enough, and let things be almost ridiculous at times. If not ridiculous, maybe with a sense of humor added in. Take the scene towards the end of the movie where they were trying to get the demon trapped inside a goat. When it finally happened, the now half goat half demon hovered over the table singing and dancing. Instead of keeping the scene to the serious matter of trying to rid Christine of the demon that was tormenting her, they had to transform the demon into this ridiculous dancing goat. I guess they took a lighthearted approach, and never wanted the movie to be too serious. Again, I do not think this ruined the movie in any way, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  Overall, I think this was a good movie. The use of Mrs. Ganush was great both alive and dead. That character overshadowed the weak acting performance for Christine's character. The movie had several disgusting scenes with Christine and Mrs. Ganush. So disgusting that you are really glad that you are neither of them. Even though Christine was put in a serious situation, the director did not overwhelm you with this. He brought some humor to the scenes to lighten the mood of the movie, but this did not take anything away from the movie. I especially liked the way the movie ended, but I am not going to give it away. I give this movie 3.5 pools of blood.


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