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Saturday, July 9, 2011


  Really, Lego zombies? You are telling me that Lego sells Lego zombies? There are Legos from movies such as, Toy Story, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. There are also all kinds of Lego figures such as, “Kimono Girl,” “Surfer Girl,” “Sailor,” and “Hazmat Guy,” but zombies? Well, I guess so because I found the apparently kid friendly official Lego “Zombie:"

“Slow in speed and even slower of mind, the lumbering Zombie may look a little scary, but he’s completely harmless in every way. Everything he does is slow, mindless and repetitive, from zoning out while watching TV, to waiting in line at the grocery store, to stacking one brick on top of another to build a perfectly even, completely featureless wall that stretches along for miles and miles. If you interrupt him, he’ll just stare at you blankly before going back to whatever he was doing before. If you put an obstacle in front of him, he’ll keep bumping into it over and over again until someone turns him around. If you pick him up and move him to a new place, he’ll start doing something mindless there instead. The only thing that seems to motivate him is his cherished turkey leg – if you dangle it in front of him, he’ll stretch his arms out toward it and move him to a new place, he’ll start doing something mindless there instead.” 

  Wow, how weak is that zombie? No need to be afraid of him. If you aren’t impressed with the official Lego “Zombie” either, here are some other pictures of Lego zombies that I found: 

  Now that is more like it! Those pictures are cool, but how about a Lego zombie apocalypse movie? Well, thanks to YouTube, I found some extremely awesome short movies of Legos doing battle with Lego zombies. There are videos with plenty of zombies getting blown away, and even one showing different ways to kill a Lego zombie. Also, there is a video featuring Jason, and Justin Bieber (ugh) taking on zombies.
  I credit all these people for their imagination, and hard work. It is one thing to build a Lego design, but it is a whole another thing to turn that into a movie. I mean I don’t know the first thing about doing this sort of thing. It may be easy, but to me it looks hard. To give you an idea of what it takes to make a Lego zombie, I included a video on how to make a Lego zombie as well. So head over to the Lego Zombie Apocalypse  page to check out these awesome Lego zombie videos! 


  1. These Lego zombies look great, actually. :) I'd love to have one those. The one from the second picture has to be my favorite. Awesome post as always.

  2. Nebular: I liked that one too! A lot of great work by the people that made them. A great mind for Legos and zombies. Don't forget to check out the videos. Good stuff as well! Thanks for commenting!


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