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  After a terrific season premiere, I wondered if they could continue to build on the strong momentum going into episode 2. Everyone is always excited about a season premiere so it is easy to like the first episode, but it is up to the show to keep the viewer’s attention. It definitely kept my attention as most of the storylines took the next step forward, as they were very intriguing, and mysterious. So here are my thoughts on True Blood episode 2, “You Smell Like Dinner.”
  The episode starts off in a serious situation for Jason, but in typical Jason fashion there is something to laugh about. As the camera pulls away from him, Timbo is licking the wound on his head. Jason wants him to knock it off, as he mentions he is more of a “band-aid kind of guy.” I like how Jason points out that Timbo cares about him otherwise he wouldn’t be licking him.
  Jason’s situation continues to change as the episode goes on. From serious to funny, back to serious when Felton walks in the room. I quickly remembered why I don’t like that guy. Then the situation becomes really weird when Crystal makes her first appearance of the season. High on V, she is talking crazy with a funny look on her face. Speaking of being high on V, now more useless than ever Andy shows up, but all he wants is V. Andy has always been a step slow, yet some how manages to be a decent cop. That went all out the window when he didn’t investigate the noise he heard. Just when I thought the situation couldn’t get any stranger, Crystal and Felton start talking about using Jason to make a panther baby. From day one, this whole panther thing has been out of control. I guess we can now add Jason to the list of people that have a supernatural element.
  Picking up where episode 1 left off, Sookie and Eric have a very interesting conversation about what he wants from her. Not to anyone’s surprise, he wants to replace Bill as the vampire by her side. He offers her protection against other vampires, but I am sure there is more to it. Does it have to do with the fairy thing, maybe or maybe not? Is it that he really has feelings for her, again maybe or maybe not? I hope they surprise us with something different, but that might have all changed with what happened later in the episode, but more on that in a minute.
  Just because Bill is no longer by Sookie’s side, it doesn’t mean his role on the show is any less important. First, I totally missed that girl being undercover in the witches’ circle. I need to go back to episode 1 at some point and find her. I think I remember seeing her, but I just want to see what she was doing. Bill had her spying on the witches, so it is good to see Bill is on top of things (including his spy) in his role as King. When Sookie comes in asking for his help with Eric, I found it very interesting that Bill said Eric knows people in high places. Well Bill has friends in high places too, so why is it that he is almost scared to push Eric too far? Plus I’m guessing that Eric has always known these people in high places, but that never stopped Bill from taking on Eric before. Anyway, it is hilarious to see Eric bow to Bill.
  Bill has two important flashbacks that really shed light on how he ends up being King. While the first one is important, you know that I’m dying to talk about the second one. Yes, the moment of truth right here. I waited since last summer plus an episode to see the big showdown between the Queen and Bill and… like the not so epic battle between wolves and vampires I’m left somewhat disappointed. Not much happened fight wise after what we saw in last year’s finale. The Queen just knocks Bill down before soldiers enter the room. I wanted to see more of them fighting while floating in the air. That was an extremely cool moment that became a wasted opportunity. It was a bad decision to have soldiers take her out without a good fight first. On the other hand, one of the things I enjoy about the show is when vampires explode and blood splatters all over, so I enjoyed the Queen getting blown away.
  My interest in Sam and the girl he hopes to be his next girlfriend was very little at first. However, that changed when she started telling a story about the skin walkers. Not only did it give rise to another possible creature added to the mix, but also it gave more detail into what the shifters can and can’t do. It can also lead to a future battle between skin walkers and shifters, which sounds good to me. Oh, and I have to ask: Why do Sam and Tommy have to have these awkward conversations without clothes on?
  Told you that it wouldn’t take long before Jessica screws up again. So far, I don’t think I’m that interested in what happens between Hoyt and her so I will move on to Arlene and Terry. I continue to feel sorry for Terry. He wants nothing but to love his new son, and Arlene. Unfortunately Arlene is nuts. She is going way overboard with the paranoia. She might have a point, but not for the reason she thinks. I don’t think that her ex-boyfriend has anything to do with any evil the baby has. It is that damn witch Holly. Until I find out other wise, I think she did something to the baby.
  Speaking of Holly, I dislike her even more after seeing she is the one that got the witches to start chanting in order to save Marnie. I can’t wait to a vampire puts an end to Holly. Too bad that might not be Eric after they scrambled his brain. I thought that was a pretty intense scene from the moment he walked into the room. I liked seeing the reactions of Tara and Lafayette when they saw Eric. I thought that it was such a good scene that it should have been the final scene of the episode. They should have stopped the episode right after Eric left the room. It would have left everyone wondering what happened, and where did he go. Instead, we know what happened, and where he went. Sookie pulling up to Eric on the side of the road would have made for a great opening scene for episode 3.
  Episode 1 had some good lines, but for me the line I picked for favorite line of the week stood out. For this episode, it was much harder to pick one line because there are plenty of great lines in this episode. Right off the bat I loved Jason talking about being licked, and being a “band-aid guy.” The conversation between Sookie and Eric in his house at the beginning had its share of one-liners. And Pam, it is just a matter of time before she wins the award. Really you could choose any of those lines, but my favorite line of the week goes to an unknown character. The winner is the protester that said, “I am a Christian God damn it!” Maybe it isn’t that creative a line, but in that situation it was pretty funny to me. And by the way, I’m glad Hoyt got one good hit in on the protesters before he got his butt kicked.
  Like last season, True Blood has gotten off to good start. It has given us two very good episodes so far, and I hope this trend continues. This episode really brought me back to some of the things I like about True Blood: all the funny lines, an exploding vampire, the introduction to possible new creatures, and important flashbacks. It also continued with some disappoint for me, but that is an issue for me and I’m sure it doesn’t bother many of you. They have set the bar high, and hopefully can follow through strongly next week.



  1. I was worried about the first episode. Felt like it was getting too crazy -trying to top itself - like Nip/Tuck did before heading down the tubes. But episode 2 was awesome. I agree with you about the skin walkers! But when are the zombies coming???

  2. Yea the first episode had a lot of ground to cover in a short time. They have to find some way to shock you, and prepare for what is to come. Agree, Nip/Tuck was great, and really died at the end. The skin walkers peak my interest more than the panther thing so we will see. Hopefully we see zombies when the witches gain more power. Definitely going to love True Blood if they do the zombie thing right!

  3. Not gonna kid you--this show has gone from interesting(season 1) to ridiculous(every season after), and it's actually pretty hard to watch now. Can't they just cancel this and do twice as many Game of Thrones? Thank Christ Breaking Bad is almost back...

  4. Kangas: I have no problem with honesty on my site. If you don't like something, then you don't like it. I have heard from some people that feel the same way as you especially after last season. Not every episode is great, but I still enjoy it. As far as Game of Thrones, I have seen the 1st 2 episodes and liked it a lot. When I get the time, I plan on watching the rest of the season. Breaking Bad hasn't caught my interest. Thanks for commenting!


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