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  Well I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. This episode is an improvement over last week’s episode. Lots of storylines take a big step forward, and set up nicely for what should be an excellent episode 6. So here are my thoughts on episode 5, “I Hate You, I Love You”
  How about that, Tommy’s storyline gets to lead off an episode! Just when I was wondering why they kept him around. His storyline didn’t seem to be going anywhere important. Who cares if he rips off Hoyt’s mom, but killing his parents is a whole other issue. Tommy shouldn’t feel bad because they got what they deserved. Maybe this is the event that will finally bring the brothers Merlotte together… or not. And who knew gators like marshmallows?
  After a not so funny episode 4, this episode has some pretty interesting scenes. Let me start with Arlene, Terry, and The Baby. Terry calls in some reinforcements and gets Tara’s mom and now husband Reverend Daniels. He may need to call in the reinforcements for the reinforcements. Singing and dancing like fools, and spreading some smoke around isn’t going to cut it. They have no clue what they are doing.
  An exorcism might be needed after all because this baby is still up to no good, and I think it is obvious now that it is not Arlene’s ex. That would be too easy. Now that I think about it, Holly told Sookie that she has kids of her own. Have we seen those kids? Maybe I just forgot, or maybe she did something to the baby making it her baby. If that isn’t the plan, and I’m wrong, it better be something better because I like my idea.
  The return of Godric, the moment many people have been looking forward to. I can see the big smile on everyone’s face as he appeared next to Eric, but he isn’t the Godric we last saw. He wants Eric to suck Sookie dry. I guess when Eric is bad, Godric is good, and now it is vice-versa. He tells Eric to be true to what he is, and that he is incapable of love. That is the case for the old Eric, but this Eric seems to have it in him somewhere. It just might be a disappointment when he eventually becomes the old Eric again. Yes, I don’t expect this to last.
  It has been fun though continuing to watch Eric act like a child. He came in the room telling her he had a bad dream like a 6 year old would. Hell, he even cried in bed next to Sookie. I didn’t think I would ever see that. I almost feel bad for him. Almost! He got to kiss Sookie, but my vote is still for Alcide to end up with her.
  Speaking of Alcide, what took so long for him to appear in this episode? It seems they are taking their sweet time getting him involved in the show. One episode he gets one scene, the next he gets a little more, and then back to one scene. At this rate, he will never get Sookie. Should I change my vote? No, he is way too cool telling the not so happy camper of a pack master to hit the road. It looks like trouble is coming, and hopefully that means more than one scene an episode.
  What is with Jason and beds? He goes from the ghost daddy panther making bed back to his own bed. Good thing that didn’t last long as we got to see a moment reminiscent of the old Jason we love to laugh at. He blames all his problems on sex, which happens more times than not in the Bed. His impersonation of God telling him that he is being punished for having too much sex is great.
  It is good to see someone realized Jason was missing. Sookie says she called him twice, but that is about it. She is too busy to be concerned that her brother might be missing. It isn’t like there are vampires, wolves, and panthers running around town. Then we get to see Jason where, in BED, this time with Jessica! Oh this is not going to end well. It can’t with Jessica. However, it is another great Jason moment watching her on top of him with Hoyt watching.
  Lafayette and Jesus going to Mexico. This should be interesting especially after that great story of a young Jesus having to kill a goat. Yea, lick that knife with goat blood on it, tasty! Now that he is older, what does he have to kill now? His grandfather sure looks scary. I have a feeling that this trip might turn out to have more importance for Lafayette than Jesus. This might mark the beginning of a good vs. bad witch battle.
  So going to Mexico might be a bad thing, but it is a good idea to leave that nut Marnie. The spirit apparently needs a weak clueless individual to control, and it found a winner. On the other hand, maybe not because she appeared to have enough power to talk to Sookie’s grandmother. Grandmother knows best Sookie, falling in love with Eric isn’t a good idea. Grandma votes for Alcide too, and yes run!
  Bill’s spy and security team then catches Marnie. You know Bill changed her from being hot for great great great grandpa to being a scared little girl, but when did she get the notice to go capture Marnie? I guess that was already in the works. Anyways, that is an awesome dream Marnie has seeing the spirit locked up. It fooled me because I didn’t think the priest were vampires. I just thought they were going to kill the witch, but they drank her right there.
  Good thing Bill locks Marnie up by herself, and talks to her from a distance. She could be dangerous after another dream. What…no Bill don’t go in there. No, I wasn’t worried because Bill has everything under control. He got into her mind before she could do any damage. It looks like she is telling the truth, she is as clueless as I thought, and it is the spirit that they should fear. Now what Bill and his band of vampire sheriffs decide to do next should be interesting, but maybe not as interesting as what Bill will do now that he knows where Eric is.
  Things aren’t looking to good for Pam. She might not have a face after a few more episodes. She spills the beans on Eric, and she is the brunt of the joke that happens to be my favorite line of the week. My favorite line of the week is when Pam walks into Bill’s office and he says, “Oh good, the world needs more bee keepers.” Sookie came close to winning for the third time in a row when she mentions to Marnie that her favorite shows when she was little were Sabrina and Charmed. Too bad Marnie has no idea what she is talking about. Jason was also close with all the sex talk, but Bill will carry the title into next week.
  I’m really excited about the next episode. This episode went as planned, meaning next week should be great. Some parts might even remind us of good times like Eric and Bill fighting over Sookie, and more of funny Jason (hopefully not in Bed). As you can see, I have high expectations for next week, so they better not disappoint me. And hopefully Pam still has a face by the end of the episode!

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