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Monday, July 18, 2011


  I know True Blood fans want to be excited about each and every episode, but let’s be real here. Episode 4 is not all that memorable when compared to the previous three episodes. I thought last week’s episode was down a notch after the first two, but I got ahead of myself. Episode 3 is far better than this one. I’m starting to see a trend between my thoughts on season 3 and now my thoughts on season 4. So here are my thoughts on episode 4, “I’m Alive and On Fire.”
  One of the reasons this episode isn’t that great is that there aren’t too many lines to choose from for my favorite line of the week. Episode 3 had so many great lines they should have leant this episode some of them. Besides laughing at Eric’s new odd behavior, there isn’t much to laugh at. I almost don’t even want to do a favorite line of the night, but that wouldn’t feel right. So almost by default, I give my favorite line of the night to Sookie when she said, “you drank the whole fairy!” That is two weeks in a row for Sookie, and basically from the same scene. It is probably the worst of my favorite lines of the week so far.
  Like episode 3, Sookie and Eric carry most of this episode. The new Eric is a blast to watch. Doing things like speeding around Sookie, slapping her on the ass, and swimming in the lake is a good change. It is funny because as I watched him, I was thinking that he was acting like a child. Then when Sookie gets him back to the house and tries to have a serious conversation, he actually mentions that he isn’t a child. You really can’t tell with that great blank expression he has been continually doing.
  It is good to see Alcide have more than one segment this time. Boy they didn’t waste too much time having him get naked. There was no time for pleasantries, as it was “hi,” “hi,” “ok I’m stripping now!” I guess the show really knows what the ladies want to see. I’m fine seeing him in wolf mode, but it was funny listening to him growl at Eric. They continue to tease us with Sookie and Alcide arguing, and then hugging. Come on already, we know there are sparks there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a flash back at some point of them already being together. It almost seems like they have been together, or is it just my impatience with the situation?
  Speaking of my impatience, Jason is FINALLY out of that bed. I hope this teaches him not to go chasing strange women walking around in the forest at night. What the hell is wrong with these panther people? Each girl got a ride on the Jason train! Thank goodness that young girl has just enough sense not to ride that train. And did that woman really say that she has a “brother-husband?”
  I continue to think this story line gets more ridiculous each week. It almost sounds like these panther people are part of a comic book when Crystal says that Jason is going to be “Panther Man” and “Ghost Daddy,” and she is going to be “Big Mommy Kitty.” Jason’s power will be changing into a panther, and the ability to have sex with a whole village of women. Also, please don’t tell me that Jason is now going to have a thing for Jessica. Stay away Jason, far away!
  Again Bill just doesn’t seem to be doing anything that important. First he has a conversation with Pam that goes nowhere. He follows that up with another almost pointless conversation with Nan. Nan isn’t going to take the witches seriously, but I’m glad Bill does. Someone needs to lead the fight against them. I also think Bill has a plan that will be revealed later in the season. He seems like he is hiding something.
  Then he goes to meet Portia’s grandmother. Really Bill, you have nothing better to do as King? I guess I missed something because I didn’t know that Portia is Andy’s sister. Apparently that whole family line is confusing because Bill just realized he is sleeping around with his great great great… granddaughter. So that means Andy is his great great great… grandson? Anyways, Bill finishes off the episode with a visit to Sookie/Eric’s house. What is Bill so scared of? He should have just searched the house. He can’t hurt Sookie more than he already has. He let her play him, or did he? I think he knows damn well that Eric is there. The real question is why did he leave him there?
  So who feels sorry for Tommy? He tried to escape his parents to live with his big bro, but that didn’t end well. Now he goes back to his loser of a mother, whom I feel like would get along well with the panther people. She tricks him into thinking Joe Lee is gone, but she sure as hell didn’t fool me. I knew he was around there somewhere. It looks like Tommy is in for a new life in hell. I don’t understand why he just doesn’t shift into something that will kill Joe Lee once and for all.
  Looks like big bro Sam got himself in some trouble too. Luna has a child, who happens to have a protective wolf as a father. At first I was feeling like the introduction of Emma was a drag, but now I’m a little excited. This protective wolf father means danger. Danger means fighting. I’m interested to see what Sam can shift into to take on a wolf. Shifting into a bird, or horse is not going to cut it.
  Even though it was only one segment, I can’t go without mentioning Terry and Arlene’s baby. I’m really curious to see where this is going. What exactly does “baby not yours” mean? Is the baby possessed by something? Is the spirit of Arlene’s ex reincarnated in the baby? Did Holly know Arlene’s ex at some point, and is trying to bring him back? Or is Holly trying to bring something else back into this world? So many questions!!!!
  It was interesting to get a little background into the witch that continues to take over Marnie’s body. It wasn’t shocking to see her being burned at the stake. Maybe Bill, or Eric will eventually burn Marnie at the stake too. Marnie is certainly nothing without the spirit of this witch in her. I’m with Pam, she seems like a moron incapable of doing anything more than what a magician could do. Unlike Pam, I won’t say that to her face. We know what can happen to your face if you piss off the evil spirit witch. I didn’t think the time would come when I would feel sorry for Pam, but I guess I do. Just a little though.
  True Blood started off well, but seems to being going down hill ever since. No, I’m not hating, but just saying. There have been some interesting things happening, but Sookie and Eric have carried much of the last two episodes. Things need to get more heated with some of the other storylines. There is hope because if I follow this trend between my thoughts on last season and this one, next week’s episode should be better. It should get us primed for a great sixth episode. Wow, I can’t believe we are on episode 5 already!



  1. Great breakdown. I have to say that thus far the worse storyline is Jason's. Him tied up and being gang-raped is def not my idea of entertaining television. Just dragged waaay too long!

    As far as Tommy, sometimes I feel bad but his stupidity changes my thoughts on that real quick. Good for his dumb ass.

    The baby? lol, well that is def interesting and cant wait to see what happens with that story arch. But your right, this episode was more about small tidbits of information that will probably have more importance in future episodes. We shall see :-)

  2. Reelybored: I didn't know you were a fan of the show. Nice to find other person to discuss it with. Yes, Jason being in bed so long bored me too! The panther thing is confusing as well. I'm kind of surprised they kept Tommy around. He needs a more important storyline or I say get rid of him. I'm dying to know more about the baby. Each week it is becoming more of an important storyline for me even if it gets little air time. Bigger things will come, just stay tuned. Thanks for commenting!


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