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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


FEAR is a visually striking poetic film on the universal emotion that can hit us when we let insignificant little incidents spin wildly out of control.

Starring: Jessie Rabideau

Written and directed by: Steven Kahn

  Appropriately entitled "FEAR," this short film shows audiences fear can hit us in many different ways. It starts off with a young woman in her bathroom, where strange things occur, as she does things like take a bath, and wash her hair. The film has the audience wondering what’s going to happen to her as she does these things. Is there someone in the house? Maybe a ghost is haunting her, or maybe fear is getting the best of her?
  The film might seem odd at first, but curiosity, suspense, and tension will build as the woman moves from the bathroom into other parts of her home. It brings out these emotions as things get stranger and stranger, and the feeling that danger is getting closer sets in for the woman. They did a great job of coming up with creative ways for the woman to feel fear, and didn't do too many standard scares horror fans see all of the time. Add to that the wonderful way the film is shot. It really enhances the fear, such as a scene where the woman experiences a lightening storm in her kitchen.
  From beginning to end, fear makes itself present. The young woman experiences different levels of it throughout the film, while the audience is fearful of what might happen to her. The film isn’t short on creativity, and is shot really well. Be on the lookout for "FEAR" at film festivals, and hopefully even one day at PromoteHorror.com.

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