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Friday, October 11, 2019


After receiving an unsettling voicemail Jordan returns home, looking for answers, only to find her estranged father and even more questions. A demonic force has attached itself to the town and no one is safe. The only one who seems to know anything is the small town’s Reverend. 

Starring: Bruce Davison, Laura Wiggins, and Mark Ashworth

Directed by: Jason DeVan

Written by: Jason DeVan, and Heather DeVan

  “Along Came the Devil 2” picks up not long after “Along Came the Devil.” A voicemail sends Jordan (Laura Wiggins) home only to find her sister and aunt missing. She does find her father (Mark Ashworth), but the two apparently don’t have the best relationship. Reverend Michael (Bruce Davison) is back, and definitely knows more then he’s sharing. Of course there's also the devil who is hiding, and waiting for the right time to make its presence known.
  The opening of the movie gets off to a good start, as the devil chose that as one of the times to be known! A young boy is terrified by something before becoming a part of the scare himself. Lets just say the boy keeps a good head on his shoulders, which can’t be said for everyone. This then sets off the call to Jordan, and the movie dives into her return home.
   The audience follows Jordan, as she gets reacquainted with her father, and his family. Her father tries hard to make up for past sins, but is struggling with this. He has a few outbursts of anger, but desperately wants everything to work out with Jordan. She’s a little stressed with her father, but even more with the lack of answers she gets from everyone. She knows people are hiding the truth about her sister and aunt. 
  The best clues lie with the reverend, who has some fishy things happening around him. He has an intense call with another reverend who encourages him to hang in there a little longer. It’s not so easy as he’s drinking, and has a crazy flashback in the forest. The devil also uses someone to send him a little message. Everything hits the ceiling when the father, and reverend have an argument over Jordan.
  With anger comes hate, with hate comes…the devil. It finally chooses a person to possess…Jordan’s dad. Not everyone in the house is lucky enough to escape the devil, but Jordan and Xander are forced to fight for their lives. This quickly becomes one of the best scenes, as the father slowly roams around the house dragging an ax in search of the kids. The scene seemed very much like in  “The Amityville Horror,” or even "The Shining" when the father finally flips. The bloody, and intense ending leaves off with a bonus...the possibilities of a part 3!
  “Along Came the Devil 2” presents some good scares, and intense scenes. It definitely begins and ends on a high note. If there is any problem with it it's what happens in-between. The story is there, but it felt like it needed more. Jordan is searching for answers, but it doesn’t seem urgent enough. There are hints the devil is around, but maybe some more scares, even small ones, would have been nice to better set up the ending. Regardless, it seems like this series is moving in the right direction, and perhaps a third movie will give them a chance to reach perfection. With that, I give it a devilish 2.5 pools of blood.


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