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Tuesday, March 31, 2020


“Morbid Colors” follows the troubled journey of Devin and Myca, two foster sisters bound by horrific pasts. When Myca returns from a months-long runaway trip with an insatiable thirst for human blood, Devin is hurled into her sister’s relentless quest to hunt down the creature responsible.

Starring: Kara Gray, Lanae Hyneman, and Cindy Maples

Written and directed by: Matthew Packman

  Reading the description for “Morbid Colors” might make it seem like a revenge story, but it’s a whole lot more. It obviously starts with the two sisters, Myca (Kara Gray), and Devin (Lanae Hyneman). Each have their own struggles in life, and battle each day to find their place in the world. Devin seems to be doing a little better, at least trying to do what’s right. Unfortunately for her, she’s that one family member that sacrifices everything in their life for the people around her.
  One of those people is Myca. She’s been away, and comes back trying to show people that things have changed. However, they haven’t, but it may not be her fault. Something has happened to her that will change her life forever.  She now has a thirst for blood, and revenge. Yes, she’s a vampire, but this isn’t the typical vampire story driven by finding victims. She’s more interested in revenge on the person, or creature that did this to her.
  So yes, the sisters do go on a wild adventure to find the responsible party, and keep Myca need for blood under control. Finding that person/creature is a challenge, while trying to stick together as sisters is just as tough. They go through times when the want to quit on each other, and maybe even themselves, but they fight through it. It proves that while there’s plenty of horror in this story, it’s also a drama as well.
  Drama follows the sisters throughout the movie, putting the challenge on Kara and Lanae to bring these sisters to life. They do a pretty good job in the extreme moments, and especially the sister vs sister theatrics. Their lives are a little depressing because of their struggles, and the movie keeps that tone from beginning to end. You could almost call say there is a ‘morbid’ feeling to it!
  “Mobid Colors” proves to be a good mix of drama and horror. Before the horror, the audience is introduced to two sisters, and all of their struggles. They get to see how hard life is for them together and apart, and it becomes even harder for them once they go on their search for revenge. It’s there that the horror makes its way into the film quenching the thirst for blood of both Myca and the audience. The two main actresses drive the film with great performances leading all the way to a somewhat unexpected ending. With that I give it 3 pools of blood.


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