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Wednesday, January 6, 2021


On December 24th, five seemingly random men are invited to a dive bar by a myserteous e-mail. They decide to pass the time by resurrecting the old tradition of telling scary stories on Christmas Eve. 

Starring: Jessica Anderson, Christopher Bower, and Cassondra Brian

Stories directed by: Brittany Blanton, Sean Blevins, Jed Brian, Shawn Burkett, William Capps, Alex Clark, John Hale III, Blair Hoyle, Robert Kern III, Drew Marvick, P.J. Starks, John Mason, and Eric Huskisson

Written by: John Mason and P.J. Starks

  “13 Slays Till X-Mas” comes down the chimney with 13 short horror Christmas films for your holiday fun! Five guys, including a cop, priest, and guy dressed as Santa, are spending their Christmas eve at a bar of all places. Apparently they’re there because of an email, and not because they enjoy each other’s company. Instead of continuing the trash talking to each other all night long they decide to tell some Christmas stories with a horror twist to them. Obviously this means that horror fans are set up for an anthology of horror. 

  With so many short films means there will probably be some to like more than others. So here are a few that stood out to me. One of the priest’s stories involves a father who apparently made a deal with something evil. That evil has now come to collect leaving a very creepy ending. The cop has an interesting story that’s familiar to another popular Christmas tale. In this story, a person is shown visions of his past, present, and future that ends in a very sad fashion.

  Santa has a pair of good stories starting with two guys breaking into a house. They aren’t there to steal gifts, but instead want to steal a life. Unfortunately things don’t turn out the way they expect. There’s a good touch of humor here, but ends very deadly. Many might not associate clowns with Christmas, but this anthology has a clown that no one will be laughing at. He’s certainly going to be his best to entertain this boy’s lying father!

  This isn’t the only story with kids in it. Another tale features a mean brother teasing his younger sister about writing to Santa. He tries to scare his sister, but it doesn’t go as planned. Lets just say both siblings get what they asked for. In one of the seemingly longer and more shocking stories, the bartender opens with a story about a cop on the scene of a prisoner escape. Guards and fellow officers are down as she looks for the prisoner. There’s a twist to this story with much more to come. It all ends with another surprise, and a big bang!

  Hopefully that didn’t spoil any of the shorts, and as for the main story it starts to come to an end when a mystery woman comes into the bar. She has a final story to tell that everyone in the bar will what to hear. Overall there’s a good mix of stories here. Some may seem a little familiar with a new attempt to change the story, while others have some fun new twists audiences won’t see coming. Some are about keeping things dark and myserteous, while others bring the blood and guts. Incorporating Christmas in the tales is part of the challenge, and what makes them special. Because they did a solid job of this, I’m going to gift wrap 3 pools of blood for “13 Slays Till X-Mas.” 



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