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Wednesday, January 5, 2022


A woman suffering from amnesia pieces together the events that led to her father’s suicide, only to be haunted by the ghosts of children that she begins to suspect were murdered by him.

Starring: April Pearson, James Cosmo, and Patrick Bergin

Directed by: Jamie Patterson

Written by: Christian J. Hearn

  It won’t be long before “The Kindred” spirits start to appear. This story is going to grab the audience’s attention right from the start. Helen (April Pearson) is running from an apartment, and down by the street. It seems like she’s running from someone, but before she knows it a body lands in the street. She steps back only to get hit by a car. This lands her in a coma for about a year.

  To much surprise, she was still able to give birth, and her husband is still by her side. Unfortunately the only place for them to go after she leaves the hospital is her father’s apartment. The place where she was running from the night she was hit by her car. The more she stays there the more the past is going to come back to haunt her.

   The film covers a lot of ground before coming to a shocking ending. Helen is going to go through some family drama trying to be a mother to a baby she doesn’t feel bonded to. It’s going to cause problems with her marriage, but soon she’s going to have even bigger ones. The horror starts to work its way in when she starts seeing children in the apartment. They’re going to provide some creepy moments as Helen now has a mystery to solve. The children are going to be a clue along with learning about her father’s past.

  With all the genres at play here it could be confusing at times. However, April along with the rest of the cast put in some good performances to make this one work. From the drama to the scares, she seems to handle everything her character goes through well. Others like James Cosmo, who plays Frank, and Steve Oram, who plays a psychic, do well in their contributions to the story. 


“The Kindred” is listed as a thriller, but it has many parts to it. It definitely starts with a bang, and ends in a shocking manner. It has family drama as this couple goes through hard times after Helen’s accident. Horror sets in when ghosts appear, and it’s good they stick around until the end. Most of all, there’s plenty of mysteries to solve starting with why Helen was running in the beginning. It will also cover what happened to the children, and her father before it’s over. The pace along with some good performances help keep the story from getting to confusing. With that, I give it 2.5 pools of blood. 


In Select Theaters and On Demand January 7, 2022 

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