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Wednesday, August 3, 2022



A group of artist’s lives become unwittingly entangled as their obsession and insecurities manifest monsters, demons and death.

Starring: Krsy Fox, Adam Busch, and Bryce Johnson

Directed by: Spider One

Written by: Spider One and Krsy Fox

  “Allegoria” is an anthology that smoothly weaves the lives of artists together while unleashing probably their worse nightmares. These musicians, actors, writers, and artists have no idea their work is about to turn against them. The audience won’t have to wait long to witness their craft bite back. The first short zooms in on a passionate acting coach, and the demands he’s making on his students. Just as the audience gets lost in his words something shocking will happen, and make them eager to see what comes next.

  What’s next is definitely something dark and creepy. Artists get their inspirations from different places, and this one might have picked the wrong place. While making an intense phone call he realizes he might not be alone anymore. He won’t be able to stop looking at what has come out of the darkness. 

  The next short takes things in another direction, and gives horror fans some bloody fun. A screenwriter is having a little writer’s block, and can’t decide on what his killer should do next. Well he’s about to have some unexpected help that gives him a variety of options. Much like the opening short, the fourth entry will try to get the audience lost in the awkward conversation between two people who have just met. One of them will feel like they’re living out their dreams, and the other is going to bring that dream crashing down.

  As the final segment unfolds, it will make a big connection to one of the previous shorts. One roommate is nervously excited about a chance to further their career while the other lets curiosity get the best of them. Evil is summoned, and ready to be heard. 

  This anthology starts with an acting teacher wanting to bring out the monster in his students, and there will be plenty of monsters to go around in the end. Some monsters will leave the audience with nightmares, and others will make a bloody mess. There’s the dangerous kind that hide inside the average person, and their victims will never see coming. The only problem with the film is that there weren’t a few more of these terrific shorts to enjoy! With that, I give “Allegoria” 3.5 pools of blood!


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