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Thursday, August 18, 2022


When a fall down a steep rock face separates her from her friends, Caroline finds herself stranded. Now, alone and with a dislocated shoulder, she must make her way out of the woods — and contend with how she got there.

Starring: Christine Nyland, Jonathon Strauss, and Stephanie Hains

Directed and written by: Terence Krey and Christine Nyland

  “Distress Signals” have gone out, but is anyone listening? Being alone in the woods can be dangerous, and Caroline (Christine Nyland) is about to find that out first hand. She’s fallen down some rocks, and separated her shoulder. With her friends long gone, she has no choice but to pop it back in.

  Once she’s able to gather herself, she radios one of her friends and lets them know she’s lost out there. Unfortunately, it looks like she’s going to have to find her way out alone. She begins to make her through the woods, and does her best to survive with what she has with her. Finding her way back to civilization is going to be hard, and it’s about to get harder as someone or something is watching her.

  This film stays true to being a pure survival story. It never goes too far away from what could happen in reality. Early on, the audience gets to see Caroline use the few things she has to survive. She struggles some, but also gets a little lucky. The tension doesn’t really start until she starts hearing something in the bushes. Without giving away what’s out there, this is where things get really interesting, and the true fight for survival begins.

  Christine does a pretty good job considering her character finds herself alone for much of the film. She might not have a lot of lines, but comes across naturally as someone trying to find their way out of the woods. She continues to excel once things take a turn for the worse. It doesn’t get easier, but she nails it.

  “Distress Signals” is all about survival. Caroline finds herself in a difficult situation, but never panics. It's good to see a character use their smarts instead of just stumbling around aimlessly. She gets a true test of survival when she finds out what’s watching her. Overall, they do a good job of keeping it real, which is helped by Christine’s performance. The tension is built at a good rate, and finished off with a very dramatic ending. With that, I give it 3 pools of blood!


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