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Monday, August 1, 2011


  Last week I said, "I told you so," and I really wanted to say it again. Unfortunately, I can't! Some good things happened and interesting stuff took place, but I wouldn't say anything major happened. I really thought a big event would take place, but it never happened. So here are my thoughts on episode 6, "I Wish I Was the Moon."
   Some of you may say Eric and Sookie being together was the big event, but really? I was looking for something much bigger than that. They have been leading up to Eric and Sookie being together for weeks now. There wasn't a surprise when Bill let Eric go either. Everyone knew Bill wasn't going to kill Eric. It was a nice try at some suspense, but they didn’t fool me.
   What they did fool me with was Father Luis. I didn't catch that he was one of Bill's sheriffs. I never made the connection between him watching over Marnie, and the dream Marnie was having. Did they show him in one of Marnie’s other dreams? I really have to pay closer attention to the characters (right ladies).
   I have to say I'm excited that Marnie finally has her powers, or that a real witch is inside her. It is good to see a real witch at work, and not the one in training. This spirit is definitely not a friend to vampires. I expect her to try to get some major revenge on them. I can’t believe that this spirit has tried this before. That does mean that she failed at least once, so there is some hope for the vampires. I wonder if she will run across any of the other creatures in town.
  Marnie wasn't the only witch that had a spirit possess them. Lafayette also swallowed a spirit in what was probably the weirdest scene of the night. Jesus’ grandpa had that scary mask appear over his face and then the snake bit Jesus. I think "bad things" just happened to them. I just want to know if this is going to help them fight Marnie, or head in the direction of my theory that there will be a good vs. bad witch fight (and I don’t mean against Marnie). By the way, anyone eat goat tongue for breakfast?
   There was no fight between Tara and her girlfriend. Naomi seemed pissed at Tara, but quickly snapped out of it in time to jump her bones. Last year Tara always seemed to be in the middle of things and had a tough time. This season she has been the complete opposite, a real bore. Yea she was there when Eric was put under a spell, and had a moment in the basement of Fangtasia, but nothing like last season. They need to do something major with her storyline. Maybe Pam spiced it up for us.
   That was cool when Pam appeared out of the darkness. I was busy being bored listening to Tara and Naomi, but Pam livened things up. So what do you think happened? Is Tara finally a vampire? I think she might make a pretty cool vampire one day. For now it is more likely that Pam took it out on Naomi. She seems like a good character to just throw away, and that might push Tara in the right direction of doing something important this season.
   One of the surprises of the night was when Tommy turned into Sam. Again, before last week's episode I thought Tommy's character had just about ran it's course. I was ready to write him off, but he is back in the game. Of course he spent less than 24 hours as Sam, and all ready screwed things up. Way to go Tommy! And I totally missed that he could be a skin walker after killing his parents last week. The brothers Merlotte back at each other’s throat, that is if Tommy wakes up of course.
  It wasn’t a surprise that the first time we saw Jason in this episode he was in a BED! How many episodes is it now that he has been in a BED? Sookie is right, it is always about sex when it comes to Jason, but stop with the BED thing already. Can we please go one episode with him not going anywhere near a BED?
  Even though he is always in BED, like I said last week, it is good to have the old Jason back. Serious cop Jason wasn’t much fun. He had several funny moments, and provided most of the comic relief in this episode. It was really funny how Sookie pointed out that the cuffs were useless if he changed into a panther. It was also funny when his happy place turned out to be Jessica’s boobs. Jason even wins my favorite line of the week when he told Sookie, “What do you think that meant, change my kitty litter.” Oh Jason, so funny, but please stay away from Jessica, and your happy place.
  So it is back to two segments for Alcide. Way to hold a wolf down. How about we get him in some more segments so we can get rid of Debbie all ready? She is another pointless character just waiting to be killed off. You know where I’m going with this. No Deb means increased changes of Sookie, but what are we going to do with Eric now? (Ugh!)
  Did the show finally admit they made a mistake with the whole panther thing? In their brief airtime, Alcide and Debbie do away with the theory that you can become a werepanther from a bite. Jason appears to be in the clear, for now at least. While I hope that is the end of the panther thing, I think that is too easy an out for them. Nobody is going to forget all the panther nonsense just like that.
  I guess I will finish up with my new favorite storyline, Arlene’s baby. I just love the mystery behind the baby. I want to know everything about him, and the suspense is starting to eat away at me. I can’t believe he was already outside of the house. Did he really try to kill all of them? I forgot Holly lived next door. Andy mentions her son, so does that mean she really has a son? Again, did we see him at any point last year? Even though they haven’t given any signs that Holly is still involved with the baby, I have my suspicions. I find it strange how Arlene consulted with Holly before, but now they don’t speak about it.
  So I’m sorry if I got your hopes up for this episode. I was expecting a big surprise, and not one that included Eric and Sookie having sex in the forest. If that was a big moment for you, then good, I have nothing to be sorry about. To me, this episode just ended up being another set up episode for most of the storylines. Some interesting things happened, but there were too many moments where people were just talking; Jessica and Jason, Sookie and Jason, and the boring Tara and Naomi just talking, and wasting episode time. We are six episodes in, and can we have more action and less talking please?


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