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  So remember a couple of weeks ago when I was, lets say, making a few complaints about the show. Maybe mentioned how episode 6 was a let down. Then they hit us with episode 7, which was a very good episode. So good, I didn’t think they could top that this season until probably the season finale. Well, so much for that because last night’s episode was insane! So here are my thoughts on episode 7, “Spellbound.”
  I really want to skip to the ending, but I’ll have some patience, and talk about how we got there first. This episode had it all, an action packed ending proceeded by plenty of drama starting with Jessica opening the door. That scene was really well done last week, and they continued the drama as Jason tackles Jessica to prevent her from leaving. It didn’t take long for Jessica to gain control, and turn against him. Thank God witches can’t chant forever. If Tara isn’t in a screwed up relationship, then Jason has to be. It is like some unwritten rule, and that is what is about to happen with Jessica.
  It didn’t take long for Jason to change from hero to comedian. That was a great attempt at a vampire list of nice things to think about. Even better was the look Bill was giving him. I really like how Jason was trying to be slick with Bill. I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me. Sorry Jason, Bill knows what he is doing.
  So you want more drama, and some romance. Well, you got plenty of that from Sookie and Eric. Actually, I got more of Eric than I wanted to see, ugh! Yes, I know Sookie was naked too! To me, that whole bath scene was just weird. It was like they were stoned out. Snowing in the shower, and then a bed in the middle of the snowing forest. Mixing vampire, and fairy blood apparently makes some good shit!
  I’m sure our good friend Andy would like some of that. Hell, he was about to eat a dead vampire. I’m sure no one wanted to see that except for say…me. Nice and disgusting! He has become such a desperate man. I’m not sure where they are going with his character. He has played more important roles in previous seasons, but they seem to be just dragging him along this season.
  Speaking of being a drag, sort of, Tommy broke into Mrs. Fortenberry’s house to steal her clothes. I was kind of confused by this at first, but then his plan became clear at the bar. He thought he would out smart the guy, but think again. Like some of the characters, Tommy just has no luck. I wonder what he will do next. That money isn’t going to get him much.
  I thought one of the interesting things they did in this episode was to have the characters act in a way that don’t usual act. Of course, that was because they really weren’t themselves. Mrs. Fortenberry can be somewhat odd, and harsh, but not as crazy as what Tommy displayed. When she was barking out her order to Arlene, she looked like a roaster gone wild.
  Then there was Lafayette sucking in the spirit. You know I was waiting for that storyline since last week, and it continues not to disappoint. His reaction to the lady singing to the baby in the kitchen was great, but even better when she appeared at his house. It was good to see some background on her story, but we still aren’t sure what Arlene’s baby has to do with it. The connection has to be more than just the doll. This storyline is just killing me!
  And Hoyt, who might not have physically, or spiritually changed characters, but was complete opposites in his two scenes. They really had me going in that first scene. It was kind of weird how he got on his knees, and just wouldn’t stop talking about dying. As soon as Jessica turned on him the illusion was over. It was crazy to see her just slam his head against table.
  Too bad for Jessica he wasn’t more like that in real life. He was really pissed at her. You knew he would be upset, but I would have expected him to fall somewhere in between those two extremes. He was just plain old mean to her. I wonder if this sparks some kind of change in him, and maybe he joins in the protests against vamps. And how about Jessica, two for two in getting your invitations rescinded. I just love when that happens.
  Sorry Sam, I just don’t have time to mention much about your run in with the pack master (whatever). I just hope the showdown between shifter and wolf is a good one. Let me get my favorite line of the week out of the way so that I can talk about the ending already. There were a lot more funny moments in this episode, particularly anytime Jason was around. The pack master almost won with his comment about Sam playing with Barbie’s by himself, but the winning line goes to Sookie once again. It was kind of the moment, and she couldn’t have done it without Bill and Eric. Eric nods his head and says, “my liege,” and then Sookie looks around, rolls her eyes, and says, “my… Bill.”  Bill almost wants to laugh, and Eric turns to look at her. The awkwardness was just too great.
  Finally, the ending! For those that read my thoughts from last season and I believe I even mentioned it at least once this season, you know I have been waiting for an “epic battle.” Last year I waited for a great wolf vs. vamp match up, and we never really got one, at least not one that satisfied me. Well, this season presented the opportunity for an “epic” witch vs. vamp battle. I will have to think about it some more as far as being “epic,” but I will take it. Consider yourself off the hook True Blood.
  True Blood really went out of the way to please me with this ending scene. Yes, it is all about me. I got to see Eric revert back to his old ways, and just rip the heart right out of that witch. Later he is chewing on another witch. All good stuff, and Tara even got in the act when she shot a vamp. I was hoping for something like that to happen last week. I just love when a vamp explodes, and blood goes everywhere.
  It was very interesting to see Sookie and Tara on opposite teams. You could almost see it coming. It would have been even more interesting if they crossed paths in the heat of the moment, but I guess I will have to settle with Pam. I completely understand Pam’s frustration. I know they aren’t killing off Tara, but why did Bill have to go and ruin the fun. By the way, Pam is looking more dead again.
 Opportunity knocked, and in came Alcide (Mr. Two Segments no longer.) I didn’t think it would happen that fast, nor did I know how it was going to happen, but we got Alcide to the rescue. Poor Sookie got shot, and there was nothing Bill, or Eric could do about it. Alcide came running to her rescue just like what Jason did for Jessica last week. I guess there is something about a guy running to the save the day. And the best was Deb having to watch it all. She can go play with the pack master. This is the next step for Sookie and Alcide (hopefully).
  And what about Eric you say. Just like I mentioned last week, I didn’t understand why Antonia wouldn’t want to control some of the vamps to help her get rid of them. Well, apparently my plan sounded good to her because Eric is now her pet, and not Sookie’s. This is another interesting turn of events because it creates another way for Eric and Bill to be on opposite sides. It continues their rivalry after it seemed like they would finally be friends.
  The ending was so good it could have been a season finale. You know what that means; I’m going to have high expectations when the finale comes around. Until then, we have next week to wait for. Anyone notice what a secretive promo they showed for episode 9. They showed nothing but Alcide and Bill trying to save Sookie, and nothing about the other characters. That is unusual, and gets me excited for next week. I kind of like not knowing much about it. I just know they raised the bar with the last two episodes, so they better have something good for us.



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