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Monday, August 8, 2011


  Last week's episode, which I thought was going to be the best yet, had too much talking. Enter episode 7, and it was time for some action. It didn't disappoint because this was the episode I thought we were going to get last week. I guess I was one week too early. So here are my thoughts on episode 7, “Cold Grey Light of Dawn.”
  First let me get this out of the way... woooo!!!! Ok, there is plenty to talk about but I have to start with Arlene's baby. I can't believe Lafayette saw that lady standing behind him. The baby stills sees her, and now so does Lafayette. Did she really say that she is his mommy? I'm totally clueless now. I think I'm throwing out my whole Holly theory, and Arlene should throw out her ex-boyfriend theory. There is something else going on here and I can't wait for it to be revealed.
  Now that I got my excitement for that moment out of the way, let me go back to where all the action begins. Actually the episode starts off with a plug for the iPad, and I think the game is Plants vs. Zombies? Good to see Apple, and zombies rule in Bon Temps as well. Antonia wants to rule too, as she gets Luis to help her escape. It is interesting to see her control a vampire because vampires are usually the ones controlling others. It kind of makes me wonder why she wouldn’t want to control more vamps to help carry out her plans.
  Those plans were made clear to Bill when Luis tries to kill him. In his last breath, Luis mentions “resurrection.” This might not mean much to us, but Bill got the message loud and clear. He sets a plan in motion for some vamps to evacuate, and others to be tied down in silver. Call me slow, but like his sheriffs, I didn’t get the plan at first. However, it didn’t turn out to be a bad plan for most vamps. I guess that is why Bill is in charge.
  The action was so fast and furious that I can’t say I really had a favorite line of the week. Instead I’m going to make it my favorite character of the week, and the winner is Pam. While Pam’s moments in this episode are mostly short, she makes the most of them. She might be rotting, but that didn’t stop her from kicking some ass. It was awesome to see her holding Tara up in the air, and even funnier when those people thought she was a zombie. Too bad she didn’t kill Naomi. I thought it was time for the show to have a nice bloody kill, and Naomi would have done it.
  Then Pam had the rot literally ripped right off of her. That was great, and truly disgusting. I’m not a make up expert, but they have done a good job with the whole rotting thing. I can’t believe of all people, she went pink. She looked like a bad CGI pink Smurf, or maybe how the Ghostbusters looked in part 2 after swimming in the slim. Covered in a silver net, she might be better off dead.
  It was good to see Mr. Two Segments got an early appearance this time. Too bad for him that meant seeing Sookie and Eric still getting it on in the forest. Too bad for me that meant he would still be with Deb. What a whiner! Oh I’m so worried that you love Sookie. That’s right; he wishes he were on top of Sookie and not Eric. All it will take is one slip up by Deb, and Alcide is out the door. I can’t wait!
  I said this episode was full of action, and Sookie and Eric kept that action hot and heavy. It was from the forest to the front entrance, from the living room to the bedroom. Did they miss a room? I hope that satisfies all of you that are happy that Sookie and Eric finally had their moment. It has been a long time coming, but will it be short lived? They talk a lot about what will happen if Eric gets his memory back. It seems like they are going to milk that possibility for all they can get. I also have to say, I know Bill felt awkward walking into Sookie’s house, and I felt quite awkward for him as well.
  Also feeling awkward were Sam, and Luna when they found out what Tommy did. Sam went from that awkward feeling to being pissed off. I said the brothers Merlotte would be back at each other’s throat, and that is exactly what Sam did. For a second, I really thought he was going to kill Tommy. Instead, Tommy got off easy, and Sam told him to leave once again. Can they just decide what they want to do with Tommy once and for all?
  One of the reasons why I like this episode so much is the chaos at the end. Once the witches start chanting, it is all down hill. The scenes change quickly, as we get to see what is happening to several characters. You can almost start feeling the same tension the vamps do as they start wanting to walk out into the sun. It is so weird hearing them call for it. I liked how they even threw in a funny moment, as Mrs. Fortenberry sees here neighbor burn in the sun. She knew her neighbor was a vamp, and I knew she was going to say that.
  Jason goes to Sookie’s basically for the purpose of finding out what is about to happen, and start his marathon run. It was exciting and really pushed for the dramatics of the moment, but did anyone else wonder why he didn’t take his cop car? I know he is an athlete, but is it really that short a distance from Sookie’s house to Bill’s? Or could he run extra fast because he has a little panther in him after all? Oh, and thank you for not putting Jason in BED for one episode!
  Of all the vamps to get out of the chains, you would think Eric would be the one, but they clearly set it up to be Jessica. Leave it to her to get in trouble again. Just as Jason’s sprit to the house is dramatic, so is Jessica’s escape. It is really interesting to see that since they were under a spell, Bill couldn’t command Jessica to do what he was saying. That may come into play somewhere down the line.
  I guess you could say Jess making it to the door, and Jason coming to her rescue is more evidence that the two are about to merge. I didn’t notice it the first time, but if you watch the ending again, listen for a gunshot. True Blood is good about hiding noises in the background that you might miss. Just like there was no shot at Bill really killing Eric, there is little chance that Jessica really dies. It still is a pretty awesome scene that makes me wonder what Antonia has in store for the vamps now that Bill has outsmarted her.
  For me, this is probably the best episode since the season premiere. The second episode isn’t bad, but this episode is a winner in my books. It might have lacked some of the usual funny lines, but made up for that in a big way with all the action. As you might be able to tell, the action is usually what I’m looking for. I think there will be plenty more as the witches and vamps face off in round 2!

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