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  “Burning down the house! Hold tight, wait til the parties over. Hold tight, were in for the nasty weather. There has got to be a way. Burning down the house!” Yea, burn witches burn! Oh sorry, just doing a little singing, and celebrating what is hopefully going to be the end of Marnie/Antonia. I guess it is time to get into my thoughts on episode 10, “Burning Down the House.”
  The house isn’t the only thing that is burning because the storylines are on fire. There are so many good scenes in this episode it is ridiculous. As you know, I was dying at the end of episode 9 so I was excited for this opening scene. Bill and Eric fighting is always fun. I have to say, Bill always comes prepared. Good thing he had that gun. And how about Nan getting dirty with a little blood splatter to the face… nice! Of course, she couldn’t do it without being annoying with the whole image thing.
  But Sookie stole everyone’s thunder when she blasted Eric. What a shoot! Knocked that spell right out of him. I didn’t see that coming, nor did I think Antonia would feel sorry for what she did. It is pretty cool how she made the sheriffs, Roy, and herself disappear. Something I did know was that Nan would make an issue out of not knowing what Sookie could do.
  This sparked one of several arguments that Nan had with Bill and company. The best was when they were all back behind bars, and silvered. Nan was passing out true deaths like Oprah passes out cars. Apparently Bill will get a special death. Then Eric and Pam. I wonder if Jessica gets one too… probably? She just wanted to kill, give a girl a break. I do have to question why Eric wasn’t silvered down to a bed considering he is the strongest of the bunch.
  And the witches, regardless of what Roy thinks, didn’t win anything. God, I can’t wait until he gets it. Lets sick Jessica on him! Antonia tried to rally the witches, but it was hard when she was losing faith as well. In probably the most interesting and unexpected scene of the night, Antonia’s spirit comes out of Marnie to have a heart to heart. I really didn’t expect to see another side of Antonia. There is actually some good in her. If I had to place a bet on who would win that argument, I would have bet on Antonia. Who knew Marnie could be so convincing? That was a great case she made. If she doesn’t get burned to death, maybe she can be a lawyer. Or maybe not, that might give them another reason to burn her.
  All right, time for a moment of silence for Tommy….
I, for one, have given him a hard time for some of his screw-ups, but if Sam can forgive him so can I. It was a sad scene, but also awkward. I don’t know if it was the conversation, his death, or just Alcide being there. He was kind of out of place, but it looks like he has taken a place by Sam’s side. I don’t remember the two really knowing each other before, but I guess they have formed an alliance. Good for the both of them. I can’t wait for them to take down the pack master!
  Continuing with depressing sights, Hoyt is a mess. He tries to be strong, but it is not happening according to Jason. How many beers did he have? And he farted? Like Sookie said, do we really need to know that? Just wait until he finds out what Jessica and Jason did in the pickup! It was funny how Hoyt wanted to stay with Jason, and then Jason turned around and wanted to stay with Sookie. It was like a game of musical houses.
  Then there is depressing Andy. It was surprising to see Terry take charge, and intervene in Andy’s troubles. As he showed, he has experience with these kinds of things, but we just haven’t seen him interact with characters besides Arlene in a while. They should change Fort Bellefleur into a rehab center. Of course that is after they remove all the weapons. That was great how he had all those guns hidden. Really adds to the meaning of Fort Bellefleur. Oh and the people of Bon Temps should feel real safe considering their sheriff can’t shoot a can!
  Enough with the depression let me talk about some fun stuff. This episode was full of great lines. So many that I’m not picking one favorite line of the week, all of the following were my favorite lines. First was Nan telling Bill, “What’s with your little dairymaid, and her lightening trick?” Then maybe not the specific line, but I was amused by Hoyt telling Jason that he had a beer for breakfast only to be followed by Jason sitting in his chair with a cooler of beers next to him. How lazy can you get? Someone get him a sponsorship with Miller Lite!
  Another good line was when Andy tried to convince Arlene and Terry that everything was ok because the tube of V has a “safety cap.” He followed that up with a great description of Terry when he said Terry was like an “insane squirrel.” It didn’t stop there, as Terry thought Andy was an “Iraqi insurgent” when he would come to visit him there. And don’t even get me started with the whole knitting thing! I also enjoyed it when Jason asked what was on Jesus’ face, and Lafayette responded in such a great way, “it’s a Latin thing.”
  Opps that is getting ahead of myself. Let me get back to the serious stuff, and rewind to when Sookie and Jason fill in Lafayette and Jesus on what the vampires plan to do. This set the stage for a crazy ending. Jesus thought he had it all figured out when he came up with the plan to try to talk Marnie into fighting Antonia’s spirit. That was too easy, and we found out that was the case when it turned out Marnie wanted to kill the vamps just as much as Antonia. At that point, I was really curious how that was going to turn out.
  The four of them end up outside of the witches’ store with a plan destine to fail. Jesus makes it half way there when he is stopped by a force field. Damn, witches can do that? I need to learn that spell. How nice would that be to put around the house, car, or even myself? As soon as he hit the shield, Antonia came out to greet him.
  In order for her to trust him, he would have to walk through the shield. Besides shocking Jesus, this set up some interesting stuff. First was the mask that appeared on his face as he struggled through the shield. Once inside, Antonia points out that he has an inner demon. That doesn’t sound good to me. On top of that she points out that Lafayette has a gift. Good witch bad witch battle? Still hoping!
  Then Jesus finally gets to speak to Marnie, and quickly finds out what we all ready knew… she is nuts! She is so happy to tell him about the power that flows through her, and how she has formed a union with Antonia. She then wants to show him her pet vamps. I like how she tells him she can make them do anything including going to the beach. As they were looking at the pets, Holly and Tara were making a spell to get out of there. The shield drops, and they run outside. Sookie and Lafayette make the mistake of running towards them, as Antonia lifts the shield back up and zaps the four of them back inside. I guess it pays off that Jason is a step slow.
  But have no fear because the X-Men are here! No wait… have no fear because the A-Team is here! Not them either… then who are they? What did you say… Bill, Eric, Pam, and Jessica in the Mystery Machine? Oh, no Mystery Machine! All right, well the four of them arrive ready to do battle with the witches, and leave me hanging for the second week in a row. Ahh! How can you leave me with the sight of them, even in the ridiculous tight black outfits, holding weapons pointed at the store? Come on now, I thought we discussed this last week.
  Since episode 7, this might be the best series of episodes of True Blood ever. I had fun with last season, but this is out of hand at this point. With only two episodes left, I don’t see how they are going to finish off some of these storylines so quickly. Maybe there will be a big cliffhanger for next season. I mean, I know there will be one, but maybe it will be something outrageous! Enough all ready, back to my singing. Be thankful you can’t hear me, but if you want to sing along, here is the music from the end of the episode:



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