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My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 3

  Now we got the ball rolling True Blood. How can I tell? For one, there were several choices for my favorite line of the night, which wasn’t happening in the first two episodes. We got some action, and people’s plans are starting to unfold. So here are my thoughts on episode 3, “You’re No Good.”
  I usually enjoy when Eric has a good plan. It was going so well at first. Too bad the plan involved a stupid human. It also doesn’t help that Tara and Pam aren’t all in on the plan either. I did enjoy how Pam would disagree with Eric, and then Tara would follow it up. I wonder how long Eric can put up with that act. We might not have to wait long to see him explode if Tara ends up doing something stupid with Willa.
  On a positive note, it looks like Willa is willing to spill the beans. We already knew the Governor and his people were learning about vamps, and now we know where. We also got the first insight on why the Governor hates vamps. Shame on Mrs. Governor! Who thought Willa wanted to follow the same path while in the coffin with Eric?
  And look what vampire got caught, and taken to vampire camp, Rev. Steve! Oh no, I’m so concerned! What will they do to him? Hopefully they don’t torture him. Seriously, we have to bring the Rev. back again. I’m sure some of you like him, but I’ve had enough. If they can kill off the King, then they need to kill off the Rev. too.
  Speaking of death, so much for those members of the Vampire United Society of Morons. Lets just drive up to a pack of wolves. That always seems like a good idea. They will never suspect we are up to something, especially in the middle of the night. Mr. One Scene actually got two scenes in this episode in order to prove he can’t control his pack. Damn does Rikki have some anger management issues. Time for Alcide to get a new girlfriend.
  Sam the owl, not a bad disguise. I really wondered how long he would wait before trying to stop the wolves. I was impressed that he let the wolves kill the morons. Oh well, they did give him a chance to free Emma. And then the good side of him kicked in when he had to chase after the girl. You better not get caught Sam!
  And now lets welcome back another character that isn’t on my most favorite list, Holly. She went to the police station to complain about vamps at her hotel, but we know she just wanted to see Andy. Andy, who brought it strong with the comedy again! I almost hit the floor when he said he numbered the girls because that seemed to work. Such an Andy thing to do. And then he told the girls to turn off their hand lasers, oh man. I’ll definitely feel bad for Andy when Bill takes numbers 1-4!
  That’s right, as funny as Andy and the girls were he didn’t win for my favorite line of the night. The winner this time is Lafayette during his talk with Sam. He said, “Before you turn into a snake, or bear, or some shit I can’t have a conversation with…” What really makes it funny is thinking about Sam doing that while Lafayette is talking. I could only imagine the look on his face. I do have to say I’m disappointed that Pam hasn’t even come close to winning so far. I expect more from her.
  So while grandpa fairy was searching the fairy bar the only thing I was hoping was that Ben was in there. Well, so much for hoping. I mean, how long did it take him to find the place? Sookie didn’t leave him that far away. Man, world’s slowest fairy. Maybe he needs to learn that cool trick that grandpa does flashing all over the place. Why do I want him dead? So that we don’t have to see scenes of Sookie and him like the one in the kitchen. No more love interests for Sookie! I know, I’m hoping again! It did cross my mind that Ben could be Warlow in disguise. Now that would be awesome!
  Poor Jason! What the hell is wrong with him? It certainly isn’t because he took too many hits to the head, although it didn’t help when Bill just let him hit the floor. Hopefully it’s not about that whole werepanther thing. Yes, I’m the only one that remembers the werepanthers because that was such a bad storyline. Going back to Jason, I guess he won’t be helping Sookie, and Sookie won’t be able to focus on Warlow if she’s worried about Jason.
  I don’t know who was more shocked that Bill caught on fire Bill, Jessica, or myself? Again, they fooled me in those previews. It really looked like Bill was going to be able to do it. I guess he still needs some kind of weakness with all the new powers he has. New power recap: apparently can’t be staked, can suck blood from humans without biting them, can see the future, and stops dishes that are thrown at him. Not too bad. I wonder what else he can do.
  So Bill’s plan involves making some fairy blood. This will be interesting. I wonder if it’s just for him, or to give to other vamps. They could put the fairy blood in the new True Blood that the Governor wants made. Now that is a plan assuming of course the Governor doesn’t already have plans for that True Blood. It would definitely be a surprise to humans if all the vamps came out in the daytime. Isn’t that what the King wanted to do? Hopefully it works out better for Bill.
  Seeing that Eric and Bill now have plans to deal with the Governor it will be interesting to see whose plan works out. I’m guessing Bill’s plan has a better chance seeing that Bill envisioned Eric getting fried. It also doesn’t hurt that Bill is part vampire God. I also look forward to seeing how Sam plans to keep Emma away from the wolves because that isn’t going to be easy. Just a few things to look forward to. I’ll try not to get blasted by any hand lasers, and be back after next week’s episode.



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