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My Thoughts on True Blood Season 6 Episode 5

  I think it’s fair to say Bill and Eric’s plans that I’ve been talking about have official blown up, and they have moved on. I’m not sure Eric has a plan anymore. As for Bill, well he helped answer a big question I had after last week’s episode. So here are my thoughts on those things, and more from episode 5, “Fuck the Pain Away.”
  First, that has to be one of the best titles for a True Blood episode yet. Yes, a large part of that is because it has “Fuck” in the title. I can’t help it, how many shows can get away with putting that in an episode’s title. Ok, time to grow up, and move on.
  So the question I was referring to was how would they bring Bill, and Warlow together when they have yet to cross path. Well we saw Bill answer that when he showed up at Sookie’s house, and commanded Warlow away. I knew Sookie wasn’t going to do anything to him. She should have gone with my plan.
  There were a few interesting that happened in that brief opening. One was how Sookie hurt Warlow, but he quickly healed. Was that just a vampire thing, or something else special about him? And does that mean Sookie really won’t be able to kill him? Then there is how Bill actually felt Warlow’s pain. So when Nora says Warlow can kill Lilith is that more like if Warlow kills himself, or someone kills him then Lilith dies too? Maybe this was just one of those things when a maker knows his progeny is in trouble. Wow, I just went from having one question answered to coming up with several more. At least there is something to look forward to!
  So the great and powerful Eric was doing what exactly? Just hanging out waiting for his plan to work? Oh, we were just waiting for Tara to tell him what happened to Pam, so that they could move his storyline forward. I guess hanging out was a better plan than turning himself in. Sometimes Eric is just too full of himself. I don’t see know what he was thinking.
  I’m not sure what the humans are thinking either with some of those tests. Drop the ball, and kill the slowest vampires… what does that prove? The vampire on the hamster wheel was hilarious, and the two vamps going at it was just porn not worth watching. I’m all in for gladiator vampire style, but not Eric vs. Pam. That was just wrong.
  Ugh, and that just brings me to the Rev., and Sara! Can someone please kill them already? Man do I hate them. They aren’t even good villains. I just want them dead. The Rev. isn’t a vampire he’s a snake. And Sara, for a second I wish she would become a vamp, but I don’t want to have to watch that. Jessica was so close to ending her, damn! Speaking of that scene, just how did Sara rescind Jessica’s invitation to Jason’s house? (another question)
  I knew Jessica didn’t kill all of the girls. Boy was she high as kite. I wonder when that will wear off. I couldn’t even keep up with what she was saying. I’m happy Andy will have at least one of his girls with him. I would have been happier for him if maybe he would have cried a little longer. He cried for a second, and that was it. Not his best acting. Definitely better at saying funny lines like referring to Bill as “Vampire Bill”. I dislike Holly, but at least she had some good advice for him.
  Now there were two storylines that just had such little time that it almost didn’t seem worth showing. One was Terry at the bar talking to Justin. So Terry wants to kill himself? I know he’s a little messed up, but what about Arlene, and the kids? He’s just going to forget about them. Actually Arlene would probably kill him just for making that kind of deal. I told you I’m sure there are any good storylines left for Terry, and Arlene.
  Then there were the two scenes with Sam, and Nicole, and you can throw in the one with Alcide, and his father. Did we really need to see them wake up? We all knew what happened last week. And then Nicole had to try to call home just for the purpose of Sam stopping her, and Alcide’s father seeing them. So what will he do? My guess is forget he saw them unless he has something else planned for them. Let me take a moment and say, “hahahahahahaha!” Mr. One Scene’s father got more scenes then him!
  Since I’m suddenly in a laughing mood, I have to say I really enjoyed some of the funny moments in this episode. There was the aforementioned vampire on the hamster wheel followed by Pam winning for my favorite line of the night when she said, “care to explain the scientific value of this.” See give Pam some good scene time, and the real Pam will come out. I also liked when Jessica mentioned how God should strike her down, but that won’t happen if Bill is God. And who doesn’t want to go throw one back at The Unfriendly Possum?
  Back to serious matters, they weren’t kidding when they said Lilith, and Warlow were old. That might have been the oldest flashback ever, and not to mention weirdest. “Hi I’m Lilith, I’m naked, and I’m going screw and bite you right now!” So Lilith knew right when she met him that he would save vampires? Question, how is he going to do that?
  When Sookie and Lafayette were preparing to summon her parents I totally didn’t remember how that usually doesn’t end well for Lafayette. Poor Sookie, her father gets a second chance to kill her. He needs to get over it because she’s all grown up now. Sookie should have just blasted dad right out of Lafayette. Maybe she will do that next week.
  Speaking of next week, that will be episode 6, which means I will be expecting big things. I think I presented enough questions that can be addressed. There is the matter of getting rid of the Rev., and Sara. There are important things like Sookie escaping her father, and Bill regaining control of Warlow. Oh and how could I forget the face-off between Eric, and Pam? I can’t believe they really set that up, even though I had a feeling something like that was coming. I will see you after next week’s hopefully amazing episode. Time to hit The Unfriendly Possum!



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